Short term storing of scion wood

I just picked up a bunch of scion wood from the Alaska Fruit Growers Association grafting workshop. The rootstocks I ordered won’t get here until (hopefully) next Friday or so. What would be the most ideal way to store these? Basically I’m planning on storing them dry on Ziploc baggies and burry them in the snow. Funny enough the snow provides a lot of insulation and will keep them at a constant temperature, which this time of the year is above freezing during the day and bellow freezing at night.

Would there be a better way?

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The fridge works too and you can keep an eye on them.

Snow May be a good alternative if your fridge is not available, if they dried out in transit and overnight soak in cold water before grafting usually perks them up, air dry before sealing with parafilm to graft.
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A damp tissue or even some sprinkles inside a plastic zip bag is good…if you’re going to be using them pretty soon.

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