Should I break up with my Kiowa blackberry?

October 2019 I planted 4 blackberries - 2 thornless and 2 thorny.
It’s my first time growing brambles.
A year into it I’m starting to think the thorns are really annoying.
I pulled up one of them, Darrow, because it was drowning in disease.

I’m now considering pulling up the Kiowa so I can plant 2 Ponca and be done with the pesky thorns.
Am I crazy? A wimp?

Kiowa blackberry is an extra large size and tastes great in WA state. I am very thorny but I don’t mind. I just hope it will be productive. you should keep it and try it, it tastes better than my thornless blackberries,

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I think picking blackberries without bleeding or getting chiggers is cheating… :rofl:


Yes, Everyone should try chiggers at least once. A very memorable experience.


I am a wimp. I do not like pain or chiggers. I only have thornless blackberries… well, I have some thorny blackberries that crawled under my neighbors fence, but I don’t bother with them. Mine taste better then what ever he’s growing.


Used to get them every summer as a kid wandering the woods in north FL, there are few things I despise more. It’s probably been 25 years since the last time I had chiggers, and I’d be happy if I manage to avoid them for the next 25+ years.


Thanks for the feedback.
It does seem to be fairly vigorous. I’m very excited about the Ponca and have limited space as well.
I’m leaning toward digging up the Kiowa.
…unless someone says “Kiowa is one of the best blackberries out there - it’s worth the thorns.”

I’ve never had a home grown blackberry so I’m sure even a thornless berry will blow away the grocery store ones …

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if you dig it up ill trade you for it!


Hmm reading a lot of good things about Kiowa.
Tough decision.

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I decided to break off the relationship. Now I have all thornless varieties.
I feel really good about the break-up :grin: