Should I continue spraying surround?

I have been testing surround on my fruit trees this year and have sprayed my plums several times now. It is raining today and supposed to rain all day tomorrow and finally turn sunny this weekend. All of the surround has been washed away but my plums are just a bit larger than dime size. My question, do I need to continue spraying surround until I harvest my plums as I have read that when apples and pears reach the size of a dime, the plum Curculio supposedly eases up. Is it the same for plums?

Where are you in zone 8. Do you have other pests. My plums have serious issues of plum curculio add followed by oriental fruit moths.

PC has about two generations in one growing season where I am . OFM has up to 5. You need to find out when those pests will ease up. You can mix Spinosad in your tank for moths.

I am in north Texas and have been spraying a methley plum. Haven’t had any problems with moths yet, at least that I am aware of.

It depends how big your population is but for me I would put down one more coat at that size. They are not as active but they love plums and could still ruin many. If you are reluctant to spray you can instead do intense scouting, and if you see any fresh crescents then put down another coat immediately.

I still have to spray peaches, pears and my apples are getting close so will spray the plum at least one more time, thanks for the responses.

If I spray fruit, it’s seem inevitable that hail will follow!

Wind: I’ve got 10 mph+ winds next few days. Has anyone sprayed Surround and gotten it to stick in wind like this? At least night temps are 40’s, low 50’s so maybe PC not a problem yet, don’t see bites.


I sprayed only Surround last night at 10:00. I think the weather app said the wind was like 8 MPH, but there were definitely gusts. Made sure to wear a mask and did my best. It wasn’t that big of a deal like I thought it would be, but like you I said to myself, “do I want to be out here spraying right now?”