Should I cut my losses (for GA growers)?

Two years ago I planted a “low chill” multi grafted fruit tree from Dave Wilson. The tree has fuji, dorsett, anna and gordon on m111 root stock. The tree has grown like mad but the more I read it seems like this was designed for the southwest which doesnt get late freezes. Anyone have any thoughts on this tree? Wondering if i should cut my losses and replace it with something that folks have had consistend luck with (i want fruit not a large tree). I wish I would have found this forum before I planted a couple of trees. The folks here are amazing!!!


I’m not an expert on low chill but if you are in 7B you should not need to grow special low chill apples. Of those varieties Fuji is an excellent apple low or high chill, I would just prune back the other varieties and let the Fuji take over the tree. You may need to leave one or more of the other ones for a pollinator if you have no other apple trees. Just leave a limb or two of the other ones if you need a pollinator.

Home grown Fuji is much better than the usual store version, its a very good apple.

My Anna is doing well in zone 7b. Although I don’t have the Fuji it is not uncommon for our area. From what I have read the Anna and Dorsett are both spur type trees and the Fuji is not. I like and use the M111 root but I use the Bud9 inter-stem to help control the tree size and promote earlier fruiting. Bill