Should I prune this apple graft and when? pic

This is a Honeycrisp scion on an M26 rootstock. 3 branches have started. Should I prune it to 2 branches, and how should I do it and when? I was thinking when the time is right, just snip off the top, then I’d be left with two branches…or which branch should I remove, if any? Please, any suggestions are appreciated, this is my first time doing this. Thanks. Ed

Don’t snip or cut anything at this point Ed. Is that one of the scions I sent?

It looks really good and healthy. Just let it grow for now. Don’t let the kids water it with pool water.

Looks like later on there may be enough room to park that tree at the intersection of the two fences in the background of your photo. If you take a little care of that it’s going to make some dynamite apples for your family.

OK, I’ll leave it for now. How long shall I let it go before I do anything to it? Here’s a photo of the pot it’s in.

Just on the other side of the white fence in the background, my neighbor has 2 deer apple trees. I grafted the leftovers of the scions you sent me to them, no sure results yet.

That really looks damn good Ed. If you are really itching to do something with it you could pull off that growth below the graft. Otherwise just let it keep doing it’s thing. It’s gonna be a good one.

It does look good. I would just let the whole thing be for now except for pinching the smallest part of the growing shoots on the two lower rosettes to assure dominance of the top shoot.

Alan, so you are saying to pinch the ends off of the two lower shoots on the scion? Not exactly sure what you are saying, could you just explain a bit better so I don’t do the wrong thing. I’m new, and don’t understand the language. Thanks, Ed

Yes, that’s what I’m suggesting- just the tinniest possible part of the growing shoots. Slow down the formation of new leaves while using the energy their existing leaves are creating. The leaves will serve the wood behind if they can’t send their energy forward.