Should I prune young citrus tree

I just got a lemonade tree that is about 3 ft tall with no branches.
Should I cut off the top?
If so, should I do that now or wait until spring?

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Personally,I’d wait and see if the tree will branch out.

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I agree with Bradybb and would wait longer. I have 9 Fukushu Kumquat seedlings that I started last winter. They’re in the 2 to 2.5 foot range now and two of them began branching out a month or so back with 3 branches each.

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Seedlings are different than a rooted cutting or grafted tree. Cuttings/grafts are taken from mature trees and are ready to fruit. You can pretty much prune to shape as much as you want and they will produce fruit when they are big enough.

Seedlings need to mature and its thought that seedlings need to produce a certain number of nodes on the dominant branch. Pruning the apical bud will delay fruiting. Not saying you are doing this!

It is a cutting/graft, not a seeling.