Should pluot dream start with burgundy plum?

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Is burgundy plum good for east coast environment (z7b, SE NY)? It’s extended bloom time is recommended for pluot cross pollination by DWN. If not, can you recommend another plum that can be used as cross pollinator?

Any comments / suggestions are welcome.

Thank you

I would think Burgundy Plums should work fine as a pollinator in addition to Satsuma and Santa Rosa plum.

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I have a 4 in 1 pluot and I’m adding Burgundy to it. I do though have Satsuma and Weeping Santa Rosa trees too.

Thank you all for the reply.
In your experience, does burgundy plum have more disease issues in east coast humid and less sunny environment? Is burgundy really self-fertile since most of Japanese plum require cross pollination?

Best to have another for pollination, you will get more fruit. The pluots will pollinate the burgundy! Yes they do have disease issues on the east coast. Not sure one is better than the other? All three mentioned grow about the same on the east. The cold could kill them in my zone 5b/6a I’m still trying though! Scott has grown Satsuma in the Northeast a long time, so it can be done. My satsuma tree looks great so far. I just put it in last spring. It grew like a weed! All three IMHO are awesome plums. The weeping Santa Rosa is a taste test winner. A shy bearer. I bought mine for ornamental reasons mostly. It’s coming this spring so it’s a new tree. Two have failed here, but both were just bad trees. They never established. I hear the 3rd times a charm!

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Pluots for all practical purposes are J. plums and they pretty much do more than an adequate job of all pollinating each other- at least in my experience with quite a few combinations. They always overset so I give pollination very little thought on all the sites I plant many combinations.

I grow Flavor Grenade and it is pollinated by Ruby Queen and/or Satsuma. Nothing wrong with growing Burgundy, but you have a wide range of choices.

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I have this feeling that in DWNs test orchards they only keep Burgundy along with test pluots. So if something gets pollinated they can recommend Burgundy. But, as Alan states there is nothing special about it (other than its the one they put in their test orchard so they are sure it works). I never bought a Burgundy.

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Arid westerners rave about Burgundy as one of their favorite tasting plums.


3rd time from Raintree? Mine from Bay Laurel grew like gang busters this last year… and that was in a 15 gallon pot. Started off around 6 ft. above ground and if it wasn’t for me pruning it it would have grown to the ground in one season.

Hopefully I’ll have fruit this next season.

No 2nd, and this one is free, If it fails Bay Laurel for the 4th one!
Yeah I’m having trouble with this one for sure!