Should you remove first year canes on blackberries

I planted small bare root blackberries this winter now most have at least one new cane growing up I would think it would be best to cut the old canes out to promote more new canes but I want some opinions before I do that. Most of the old canes are flowering and setting fruit now. You’ll see the new cane on the right the old cane on the left low to the ground

Not now! Those are your berry bearing canes!

There are two kinds of pruning you do on blackberries, spring pruning, and fall pruning.

In the spring, you cut the tips of last year canes. This forces them to branch out and have more wood for fruit.

In the fall after the fruiting is done, you cut all the canes that gave you fruit. This will let this year’s canes grow better.

Repeat year after year.

At least that’s how I did it. Like raspberries there may be some varieties with different habits so hopefully somebody will stop by to correct me if I’m wrong.

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If your remove your 1 year old canes you will not get fruit this year. But it will likely redirect some more vigour into your new shoots for a larger crop next year.

I usualy don’t bother since blackberries grow with plenty of vigour for me. But it is somthing you can consider if you don’t need this years crop. Or have a lot of space to fill.

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Not sure about weed barrier. Cane barriers if want to call it what it is

I got prima canes all over around mine. Very established. No point in weed barrier