Show Off Your Figs and "This year Harvest"


Outstanding pictures!


I hate to say it but those figs looked like Yellow Long Neck fig that you can by for under Ten bucks at some nurseries. I hate to be those guys that bought on Figbid for $300. Crazy fig world!!!



Naeem, how was that RdB? Sure looks good! My first one ever is just about ripe.


I certainly hope it’s the same thing—as I’ve got an el cheapo YLN here. :grin: In any case, @fruitnut 's RGRs (like all his figs!) look superb. It seems very early and productive for such a big fig. And if my TC YLN is any indication, this family of figs may be pretty cold hardy, too. Protected in ground, my yearling came through a winter with a low of around 4F with no damage. No fruit this year, though----so it may be one of those TCs. I’ve propagated another from a cutting to see if it’s more eager to fruit than the mother.


A momentous occasion! For me anyway :slightly_smiling_face:—though probably old hat for everyone else. My first ripe Ronde de Bordeaux. Good and sufficiently sweet—though not much complexity to the flavor; but since this is the very first fig from a young tree–which probably endured a little transplant shock earlier in the season and is just now getting its roots into the earth----, I imagine even better ones are on the way.

Ronde de Bordeaux 8-8-19, Zone 6b, Ottawa, Kentucky. Fig set in pot, ripened in ground. Flanking halves are of an Improved Celeste—which was very, very good. It was like eating cane syrup with some light honey notes.


Your figs looking amazing as always. You are working towards perfection and we colder climate people are just hoping for good figs. Thanks for posting these excellent pictures.


It was good not great can let it hang for a day or two.


Alma fig in ground, north AL z7b. Lots of rain but the fig on the right side of the plate was perfectly ripe. Taste is honey with a hint of caramel.


U Spadafora Yellow 08-06-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland


Raasti Northern Persian: Sweet and pleasant taste different from other honey figs. Keyword is Early main crop.

Raasti Northern Persian 08-08-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland


Breba season is getting started up here innthe northern fringe…
Ripening order by varieties that produce a significant breba crop in my collection goes something like this-
Lyndhurst White
Large Negronne
Desert King
English Brown Turkey
Grantham’s Royale
This is Teramo, LW, and LN clockwise from 12:00


My breba season is over and looking forward for the main crops. I will have to freeze and dry them this year due to the heavy crops.



Celeste Fig. Very underrated and pack of sugar. Little smaller from Improved Celeste but very good. Must have for all zones.

Celeste Figs 08-11-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland


Here is my potted hardy Chicago, looks like thirty figs or so on this little tree.


I could be wrong… but the leaf in the background looks like it has some web blight. If those spots get any bigger you should pick it and any others with the same off before it can spread. It can spread to beans as well, I learned this year… so I bag the leaves and leave them in the sun to cook.



I got some pictures today when scouting for it, there aren’t good pictures of it on figs that I can find.

Here you can see the web of fungus that spreads from an infected leaf to others, they are stuck together. The web is not always easy to see though.

Totally skeletonized leaves.

On bean plants

How it starts out.

It go an early start this year, but has been progressing much more slowly than last year when it was raining more, found some pictures I took in september last year.

Here’s the web after it ran down the stem of the leaf and engulfed the stem and a fig.

Inside of infected fig.

Sometimes the leaves, or parts of them drop and infect anything they touch.




Black Jack, breba.
2" x 3.5".
82 grams.
Medium-thin skin.
Fig + mild strawberry flavor.
Slight seed crunch.


I removed the leaf, thanks for the heads up