Show Off Your Figs and "This year Harvest"

My 3-year old is a fig fanatic and couldn’t wait to have these 4 figs tonight. She said:”Papa, figs are my favorite fruit!” That’s my little girl!

From left to right: Dr. Gowaty, Florea, Improved Celeste and Celeste.

After 10 minutes she ate the figs, my daughter said:”I love figs very very much. Thank you Papa.”

It just warms my heart. :heart:


Looks great and it is wonderful to be raising your kids right!

Any thoughts on how Celeste and Improved Celeste compare in terms of taste, productivity, etc.?


Celeste is slightly smaller in size. Taste is similar. I think the Celeste in the picture was hanging on the tree a little longer than the IC. I also find that the Celeste has better hanging tendencies than the IC, therefore it can truly ripen and even dry on the tree.

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These were harvested yesterday and stayed overnight in fridge. Mix of everything some of them are great and some are ok little watery. Recent rains splits many figs and I harvested only the good one.


Just back from a week in Florida… and my CH fig is still loaded with fruit ripening.


I didn’t know C.H. got that pretty! Very nice!


After getting a lot of splits and bugs damaging figs , figs are back on track. Dry weather for the last few days is the reason.


Black Madeira ucd

Ischia Black ucd



A few CH figs… this evenings treats.


Dr Gowaty… Sweet and refreshing.


These are Cavaliere. They had a very unique acidic bite that I haven’t ever seen in figs at this intensity before.


How cold hardy is the Cavaliere fig?

I brought some of my smaller container figs into my screened-in porch since the birds and squirrels were decimating them, including any I tried bagging. I wanted to let them ripen more thoroughly and also try tasting different levels of ripeness.

It is nice to see the nectar dripping from the eye of the figs in safety!

I tried one of my I-258 figs and 2 Izbat an Naj figs that were showing nectar. I think I’ll let the I-258 go a few more days next time, but the Izbats were both great. The I-258 was still great, but I know it can be even better.

I may have to consider screening in my entire backyard.


These are Unknown Prosciutto. I’m not sure why this one isn’t talked about more. It’s quite delicious. They ripen easily without spoilage and the flavor is thick and concentrated. They are however a smaller fig, but that might help them ripen and dry up faster on the tree.


I can’t imagine it being any cold hardier than a typical fig. It’s also tardy to ripen even for a potted tree so prospects for in ground cultivation might not be great for central PA.

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This evenings harvest of CH figs…


Cdd roja, one very ripe and the other under ripe. I actually prefer the less ripe version. I generally don’t like the figs as much when they start to dehydrate and wrinkle .


Harvest yesterday. Cut figs are LSU-Gold, Verte/Green Ischia and Niagara Black.


What are your thoughts on LSU Gold? I have one in a one-gallon pot and can’t decide whether to trade it away or move it up to a 5-gallon next year. If I can only keep 15-20 varieties tops, should it make the grade?

Honest Opinion, LSU-Gold would not be in my top 15. It is quite simple with a bland flavor and does not get sweet unless you let in hang on to develop wrinkles to a point where wildlife gets to it or you may get lucky. When piked at perfectly ripe stage it is a decent fig, Only redeeming quality could be the big size.

Other green figs I have that are way better are Kadota and Brooklyn White. Yellow long neck and Lattarula have not fruited yet. I have over 30 + varieties in ground so will keep it and also will be looking to add Iranian Candy next year.