Show us your sharpend (grafting) knife(s) and advise

Opening post

Some times when reading reply’s to grafting knife / sharpening topics. The advise given makes me wonder if that person ever sharpend a knife.

"Show us" instead of "tell us"
So i think it is useful to have a topic where people show us their knives. So a beginner can “see” instead of read pages and pages of “theory’s”

The rules (more guidelines/request to keep it readable and on topic)
-post no more than 3 pictures showing us your grafting knife(s)
-post no more than 3 points or links of advise aimed at beginners. Keep it 2 to 3 sentences maximum.
-keep elaborate “how to’s” and “theory’s” and “opinions/feelings gripes etc” to other topics. This is meanth to be starter friendly, practicle and simple. Not a meta discusion of “what sharpnes actualy means on atomic level”
-try and keep it short and simple. People (mostly me) tend to go on forever about personal preferences opinions and theory’s about sharpening “voodo” (again mostly me :sweat_smile:)

Il start us off

Flat sides of grafting knifes. Right handed knifes handles top photo, left handed knives handles bottom photo.

the bevil side of the knives. They look a little scrufy, seeing daylie grafting use right now and sharpend for usefullnes not looks :slight_smile:

the knives are some opinels and broken/2e hand kitchen knifes reground flat 1 side, beviled other side. Made them for a grafting “course” i gave. as cheap “loaners” Can you spot all 4 knifes?


1 Get a single quality 1000 grit (japanese) water stone. To sharpen your knife 1 side flat and the other beviled (roughly 40 degree or bevil already present on knife) Like * Suehiro CERAX #1000 ~40$ #1000 grit stone is all you “need”

2 Learn sharpening technique from this video/channel. He sharpens a specialised japanese knife in the video. But sharpening a grafting knife uses exactly the same technique. (his knife is basicaly a giant grafting knife)

3 Learn this “stropping on sharpening stone” technique from this video to “polish” your knifes edge on the #1000 grit wetstone. He gets good sharpnes on #140 grit, imagine what you can get on #1000 grit with that technique!!.


Cost all of $18 for 10

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I don’t understand why there is so many questions about sharpening knives. It’s not that hard and there are many ways that work fine. Here’s the most recent on GF:

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@mrtexas Thanks for the picture.

Are those just potato peelers?
How do they compare to a single bevil (grafting) knife for grafting?
What grafts do you do with them? and are they sharp (enough)?

@danzeb Show us your (sharpend) knife than!? if it’s not that hard :slight_smile:

Have you read that complete topic? i have, don’t think it’s beginner friendly. I think a lot of “advise”/opinion given in that topic is from people who never sharpend a grafting knife. Or at least not to a point where it shaves armhair. Thats the reason for this topic. Show us what you have.

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florist knife, very sharp do all kinds of grafts

This is not a grafting knife by definition. However, I have been using a disposable-razor blade utility knife.


You probably get annoyed by discussions of rice cookers. You can cook rice in any saucepan.

You can make some fine bread without a lame, or a banneton.

You can use salad tongs to pluck canning jars out of the water bath.

You can clip your finger nails with diagonal cutters.

I could probably do a few successful apple grafts, with a hatchet if I had to, or a saw, or just my pruning shears. But I enjoy the benefits of a nice, sharp, folding grafting knife with a single bevel. And the more difficult or complicated, the less I’d want to compromise on the tool.