Show your sauerkrauts


that will come out quite dark. but you will be better able to appreciate its flavor. I just bottled the batch shown above, and at the end of a long day at work, it was great to have a bottle of it.


Thanks for the tip. How do you use orange in Kvass? Unpeeled whole? Peeled?or orange skin only?
I put few cloves in the kvass to cover beets’ earthy scent. orange will go well with the cloves too.


the orange is in the beet krauts. of the various flavorings I have used for beet kvass, I like ginger but it slows the fermentation too much, with the next one I am going to mince it and add it only on the last day. I was pleasantly surprised by a beet-tamarind kvass I made a month ago, but perhaps fresh tamarind is a bit too exotic to use often.


In the case with cucumbers, it has little to do with what variety you use (though pickling types are highly recommended). Instead, it mainly has to do with the presence of tannins. It is also said to help if a thin slice from the blossom end of the fruit is removed as it contains an enzyme that soften pickles.
You can get tannins by either adding Calcium Chloride or more commonly by including a type leaf with high levels of tannin compounds to your ferment. This could be black tea, bay leaves, oak leaves, grape leaves, horseradish leaves, and so on.
A slower ferment is also beneficial. Keep the temp around 64 or so, and use a moderate to high salt ratio (around 3%-4%). Start testing the cucumbers around day 4 and refrigerate once happy with the results.


I have a pumpkin that I bought for Halloween. It has been sit there and I don’t know what to do with it. Finally, I found a pumpkin kimchi receip that I think I can put it in good use. So I made pumpkin kimchi today.


Never tried a pumpkin kimchi…i wouldnt tryto dissuade anyone, but failing that i would look at pumpkin wine or butternut squash soup, done and loved both.


This is something I always wanted to try. I tried in the past a squash onion kraut that turned out poor. Does the squash/pumpkin look “cooked” but still with a bright flavor?


Search pumpkin kimchi, there’s a lot of receips. The pumpkin is not cooked, just added a lot salt to get rid of some juice. Hope it turns out well so my Halloween pumpkin all can follow the same suite.
Here is my three ways to consume my good looking pumpkin:

Making pumpkin bread
Making pumpkin kimchi

Making pumpkin smoothie


I actually tried to searching pumpkins kvass, but pumped to pumping kimchi, accidental discovery🙂


Such talent, from all of you. Can we please put these posts under the food column so we don’t miss a post! Thanks, Mrs. G


Let us know how the kvass went. I am drinking some right now at my desk. Nothing sets my tummy right like it.


I certainly will. We can compare notes afterwards😀


The beet kvass has thin layer of white mold, will the mold residues have negative affect on human health?


no. when I pass it through the strainer it mostly sticks to it. Next time salt it a bit more.


Understood,thanks. How do I tell the kvass is ready ?


no real way. One week is enough, but the flavor does depend on temperature. I just do it one week, and drink what is there.


It tastes hint of sour,hint of salt, is this a beet kvass supposed to taste like?The color is really pretty.
Do I pour all the liquid out and add more water into the container with the beets, or do I leave the liquid in the container with the beets?


that is the kvass taste. I have tried re-using the beets, did not like the kvass, so it is always one ferment and toss. When I empty those salty, high fiber pieces of beets I always wish I had pigs or goats.


Pickling lime works good to make them crunchy.


I think I killed my kimchi.
Started a batch , and noticed ,I did not smell it working. .?
I added a lot of curry powder to this one…
Read the label on the curry …
It has sodium sulfite in it.
I think it’s dead, but tastes like curry .
Anyone else had this issue?