Show your sauerkrauts


Maybe your cabbages are still alive😀


Same. I’m concluding that vegetable fermentation is just a step of the food breaking down and softening is a part of that. So I’ve stopped hoping for crisp fermented cukes. Even when my fermented cabbage (kraut) has a crunch to it, it’s still rather soft compared to how it had been. And cukes are so watery, it seems there’s less structure to hold a crunch.


A lot of old pickle recipes include A cherry leaf or two per jar, or something similar. I think the tannins are what’s in there that improves the crunch.

Just a thought…

One more aside: there is a recipe for cabbage and fennel kraut on hank shaws website, THAT Shite looks awesome for on italian sausage, brats, etc


I thought I would post this, which is an excellent youtube repository of all things fermented, really a one stop shop for every imaginable (and some unimaginable) recipe. I am posting the video about fermented apples (I have been using wild apples and pears, which are hard things, with good success. They go well in blends, with cabbage and carrot for example. Cider apples or AB or other hard things will do too), to satisfy fruit related content requirements. Try the fermented sweet potato drink!