Siamese Ginger, aka Thai Ginger - Alpinia galanga

Alpinia galanga is sold under many names in the nursery trade including greater galanga, siamese ginger, and thai ginger. The tubers are smaller than chinese ginger and the outer skin is more robust – but the flavor is far more concentrated making it a worthy root crop to grow.

My specimen has begun blooming and although the flowers are insignificant compared to some ornamental ginger varieties I’m very happy to have cultivated it to this stage :smiley:


Very cool, Richard. You will appreciate this, and SO wished I had take the “before” and “after” photo, I’ll have to search my photos to see if I can find a before photo. We have a 3’ x 24’ bed that runs up against our family room wall, which is south facing. It was absolutely full of Shell Ginger (A. zerumbet).I have never seen such a root system!! Egad. Putting it somewhere where it can grow to its heart’s content. It’s pretty, but it can be rather invasive. Glad your cultivar is better behaved. I should try to sneak this into my new bed, since it’s being all redone!

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