Sick mango tree?

Hello I need some help… I just purchased a house with 2 mature mango trees on the property. It is in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. It is a very hot dry climate if not familiar. One of the trees is doing very well and fruited countless mangos this season but the other seems to be sick. It is dropping leaves constantly. It also barely fruited this year, and the fruit that it did bare seemed to drop prematurely. I’m not sure if this is normal or a issue I’ll attach pictures of both trees.

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Aloha, Nicklas! It’s a pleasure to see someone new from my favorite state. Welcome to the forum! Oh, mangoes! Some of us are going to envy that you can have a dooryard tree that size. I’ll be first in line for that. :smile: I hope you stick around to share more about fruit growing in your area.

It appears that the top two photos are of the same tree, just different camera angles to give a more complete view of the one side. I like that you included a close-up of a leaf.

I’m afraid I don’t much about possible mango illnesses, and less about maladies that might plague them in Hawaii. I’m hoping someone here knows more and has an opportunity to reply. Along with that, I’ll see if I can find any information during my daytime and get back to you.

In the meantime, I’ll say some little things. All trees that I know of, even evergreens like citrus, do drop leaves and replace them. I don’t know what extent of leaf drop at a time is considered normal for a mango. That black dotting on the outer edges of your leaf make me wonder whether there are bacterial or fungal strains that affect mangoes in your area. Also, many mangoes become alternate year bearers, producing larger crops in alternate years.

Here are some links that might help you in the meantime.

I’m wishing you luck and that you are quickly able to find your answers and good solutions if there is a problem. Please keep us up to date on what happens with your tree.

While this is a great resource for northern fruits, id suggest you go see the boys on for problems with mango.

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