Side graft to add branch to trunk

Does this look like it will work? Cambium match?

Here’s the video it came from:

I guess it certainly could work, I haven’t tried it and as shown I would think it would make a branch that wanted to grow very close to the main trunk instead of spreading, although I suppose that could be worked on over a couple years.

Interesting video, curious what folks with way more experience will say about this and any experience they have…

Looks to me that she still has some xylem (inner wood) attached to the cambium/bark layer. If so, that graft probably won’t take. But if one had just the cambium/bark in the covering flap, I would think it would work. Not all that different from the regular bark graft, except the main tree is not cut off.

But I am a rank beginner in grafting, so what do I know…

I have done several side grafts on smaller stock. My method is to make a cut that slowly cuts pass the cambium into the wood. Bill

What was strange to me was that it looked like the cambium layer on the trunk was not making any contact with the scion being inserted and yet the claim in the video is that this works.

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I didn’t take the time to watch the vidoe, but I’ll share a couple thoughts with you: When I first was learning to graft I watched many videos on you tube. After seeing the success/failure of the things I did I realized that many of those I saw on youtube were not going to be successful grafts. But the videos did not have any follow up to show the truth of the success

One big thing on side grafting like this, You have to get decent sun to the grafted branch or it will not grow

Thanks,that’s good to know. Brady