Sierra Plum Harvest

Not bad for the tropical winter we had; racing the birds to pick these. They taste like they look.


Those are nice looking!! Know any where one could buy a tree?

fruitnut, bet Kevin will have benchgrafts of this cultivar next season. Looks awfully good. Kevin, if you’re considering grafting this cultivar for sale, put me down for one. If you can grow it, so can I :slight_smile:

I don’t mean to have a monopoly on it, but I can’t find them anywhere. I got the scionwood from the late Mits Kawahara, an elderly gentleman and local citrus expert who served under MacArthur in WWII. He said it was the best plum for our area, and I see why. Tom Spellman said DWN still has it in their inventory, but they have so many other good ones that it may be redundant to offer this one again. I’m adding it to our lineup next year, but unfortunately they will be itty bitty trees, not the instant gratification folks seem to want nowadays.

Do you have any idea of the climate zones for this plum? Is Z6 doable? Will you be offering scion wood for sale?

I have no idea of the hardiness of Sierra; you just have to try it out.

I’m afraid I don’t sell any scionwood, we used every stick we can get our hands on for our nursery in Uganda.

That probably means it doesn’t taste all that good compared to many plums and pluots. If it were superior they’d offer it widely.

Those sure look good to me. Enjoy!

Or that it’s smaller size led it to be a seldom ordered variety in which case they went with something that sells better.

The inside of that plum looks delicious. I’m very prejudiced in favor of orange flesh. It looks juicy but firm and at least semi-free stone.

From looking at the whole plums, I wouldn’t have guessed the inside to be like this. I’d love to taste some.

yeah…exactly what murky said…all of it.

Sanhedrin may carry it in the fall/spring, perhaps