Silicone Grafting Clips

Any cheap, reliable source for these? I had the brilliant idea of using parafilm on tiny tomato seedlings. Then I tried clothespins. Ummm crushed it instantly.


Do these look right?
There are several types on eBay.

if your going to have the shipped from china you might as well cut out the middle man and go directly to the source


Nice find!

i buy most of my junk direct

How long would Aliexpress take to ship? They say Estimated Delivery: 30-50 days

That’s pretty accurate lol. I’ve had things show up after several months.

I’ve bought them from Amazon and from Johnny’s. When I got them from Johnny’s this year they had them in 100 qty packs, but looks like just 200 now although they are on sale. I get about 95% takes using them so that is well worth the price to me.

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Yes, its accurate might not be what you want for right now needs. Shipping times have been pushed back since Covid but free shipping form China was never fast.

You have to plan ahead, once you know how inexpensive things can be its hard to pay 4-x8. The ebay seller is shiping out of Shanghai and I doubt the shipping time will be any less despite way the ebay estimate says.

If you need them now your going to have to pay the amazon tax.

I bought some grafting clips last year just in case i could use them. My daughter turned them into a chain link rope and I am constantly sweeping them up around the house now.

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