Silver Vine

Actinidia Polygama. I’m just finding out about htis plant, and I’m still in that phase of having land where I question if I need everynew unique thing I stumble across.

I find several threads mentioning it, but none that truly seem to give it space. There might be a reason for that.

Is it worth making space for? What pros/cons. I have hardy kiwi that’s not quite at fruit stage yet, and I have a Fuzzy “Jenny” unplanted that will claim one of the warmer spots that I can protect until it gets established.

Most of my solidly full sun areas are likely zone 7a with strong wind. Most of my less sunny areas are likely zone 6b, most still with wind, but generally buffered unless I let it climb a pine tree.

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If you have kitties it might be fun to grow for them.

I’ve been intrigued by the observation that some of them (polygama that is) are spicy, somewhat suggesting hot pepper/chili. I seen that One Green World sells a cultivar with that trait. I’ve not tried em, but would like to. A friend ordered one this year, so I hope to try from his and perhaps grow some out myself. The orange fruit are intriguing too.

I’ve noticed that my ‘Ken’s Red’ (arguta x melanandra) tastes spicy sometimes. It’s a bit more subtle than hot pepper, but I would describe it as somewhat similar. Apart from their effect on cats, apparently kiwis are used to tenderize meat. I’ve wondered if it might be the enzymes tenderizing the meat in my mouth!
Also, I’m not sure if other Actinidia besides polygama have psychoactive effects on felines, but I had a good size bobcat jump up in my kiwi trellis a couple of years ago,

and spend several minutes in the ‘Ken’s Red’ section.


Currently no kitties, but several strays/ferals pass through, including one that is at least part maincoon. Having them spend more time in my yard with the munchies might help my vole/mole/rodent issues. How many vines is that in that wider picture?

If I recall, Ken’s red is a hybrid. I have one of those. Tonight is it’s first night outside, so hopefully it isn’t eaten overnight.

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That’s actually a grape on the left (growing N-S) and a ‘Kens Red’ on the right (E-W). The bobcat was around 35 lbs I thought, and is sitting in the ‘Ken’s Red’ looking at me. He walked by the corner of my house & through my 2 yo son’s sandbox before hopping up there. He’s about 60 ft from the door in this photo.

‘Ken’s Red’ is supposedly a cross of arguta and melanandra. It’s a really good variety, I think.,