Silverberries harvest

Wish I could make wine out of these but not enough to collect 70 lbs for one batch. So I’ll just enjoy a handful.

I harvested them earlier before their peak flavor because the birds really loved them. Well for me, they already tasted excellent. Slimy texture with astringency, sweetness and tartness. It would be perfect for wine but can’t harvest enough because the birds are watching it 24 hours a day and raid my bushes when I’m at work!


Do you know if your silverberry is commutata or pungens? I thought about trying a plant for country wine experiments, but I can only grow the hardy one (commutata) here in 4b. I wasn’t sure about the taste on that one.

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I think this one is miltiflora or goumi.

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i have 3 goumis in 3 rd. leaf. they produced very well last year. funny thing is they’re right next to my big norway spruces that are always full of birds and they never touch them. made jam and fruit leather with mine. was very good. more like a cherry/ cherry tomato taste than a berry.