Single most rewarding fruit tree?

In my yard, it is the most rewarding one but also the most consistent producer, the Persimmon! It is not my best tasting, like a ripe peach, my all time favorite or a tree ripened mango but the persimmon makes me the grade. A upcoming contender might be my new citrus effort, its coming up fast, my 2017 and 2018 grafts are all heaving flowers and small fruits, it will be interesting.


For me, jujube.


I have a multi grafted pluot tree, and I guess I enjoy them the most because I never really had such good plum like fruit before. The store bought stuff was never that good. And one tree produces such different tasting fruit. Having said that I like all of my trees.


That would be the one in my neighbors yard.
The one they mow around, and take care of…
Their young boys climb and pick the fruit,
And bring me bushels of the sweetest fruit.
In my dreams…

I do give gifts of fruit trees to my neighbors , that have young boys…we will see…?


When it fruits, which it does more often than not, my favorite is Flavor Delight

Only way to get that taste is to grow it myself

Gonna miss it this year

We finally had a year of no late freezes so stone fruit abound for us if I can control the bugs. My consistent producer is always my citrus but I control their environment so that’s kind of not fair.

I got a few fruit trees because I can’t just pick one. 1) Honey Jar Jujube, 2) Real Sweet and large fruits Shinko Asian pear, ) Persimmons. All these trees are low maintenance without any spraying in my Z5.



For me, my Harrow Sweet pear tree. Fruited second year of planting and every year since. Cold hardy for my zone. So far, minimal care and very reliable. Very productive and the pears taste excellent.


In Miami, FL, it has to be my mango trees. Close seconds are avocado, loquat and mulberry. Bananas are fruiting for the first time this year.


ill let you know as soon as i can get a tree to survive and fruit here. lost 3 apples from what looks like blight on the bark that girdles and kills the tree. just put in a northrop mulberry and adirondack gold apricot in raised beds and put a y. transparent apple in a raised bed last year that is so far doing well. i think that the trees had a hard time with my clay soil. hopefully the raised beds fixed that issue. my most rewarding fruit bush here would be a toss up of raspberries and currants. both are great producers and grow like weeds here.


All of my trees are rewarding. If they aren’t, they don’t
stay in my yard.


Loquat! So sweet and juicy, low water here, no spray. Beautiful evergreen tree.
Feijoa would be second.
For taste though? Mmmm, tree ripened peach is tough to beat.


My wild apple trees grafted over to several different varieties has been my biggest producer then my volunteer peach. My Alberta peach would be but it was girdled last spring and crooked in August. If I get pc figured out I will have lots of plums.

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@ lids
Wow that looks like a big loquat !
What variety ?

This is a Atemoya tree just coming out of dormancy and pruned, this might be another one to taste this fall, got a couple fruits last fall, weren,t very good, did not know when to pick.


With all due respect to those who can grow loquat, feijoa, persimmons, citrus, jujbe, mango, and the like, I have to favor a tree that can be grow in more challenging climates.

I can’t think of anything that can be grown in climates from Uganda and Uzbekistan, ripens over a period of months, can stored (in some cases) for months more, as well as having a large variety of applications, other than apples.

So while I really would love fresh peaches, and all those other goodies -some of which I have never even seen, much less eaten!- I’m putting in a word for the apple. At least I know that I will be able to grow them just about anywhere I am likely to live, and quite a few places I’m not.

And I’m not jealous. Not even a little bit. Uhuh. Nope.


For me it is the Contender peach. It consistently produces high quality fruit in both terms of taste and appearance using only Surround and Serenade. Perhaps I enjoy apples and raspberries more, but I feel the difference between store bought fruit and that which we grow is greatest with peaches.


the ones that the grafts take on are the most rewarding.


Podpiper, 90% of my tree’s are homemade,persimmon and citrus, fig, talking about rewarding and just about everything else.

Don’t get me wrong…I love my peaches, pears, apples, Feijoa, persimmon, blackberries, loquat, blueberries, and especially jujubes, but the most rewarding for me is the mulberry. I can always count on it to deliver (this year is bad for pear and apple)…I have over 60 pounds of mulberry in my freezer already, and the season is just getting underway. I use mulberries in so many different ways…I eat dried mulberries every morning on cereal, in green-juice (well, actually purple juice) at lunch, and wine at dinner (better than grape wine). I don’t eat a lot of desert but my mulberry cobbler beats any other desert. Blueberries are great…but it takes me almost two hours to pick 5 pounds of blueberries…I can pick 5 pounds of mulberries in a quarter that time. No fertilizer…no problem. No water…no problem…they enjoy good care but will produce regardless.