Single star shaped apple

My apple tree grew a single star shaped apple. All others are normal. What’s going on? An insect? Fungal infection? Pollination issue? Fasciation?


That is very cool looking.
I would put a ribbon on the branch that came off of and keep an eye on it next year to see if it does it again.
May be a odd bud sport. ,worth propagating .
What kind of apple tree.?
And welcome to the site.


Thank You! No idea about what kind of apple. The tree was here when we moved in.

There is a apple variety “Apistar”
That looks like your apple
Maybe the previous owner grafted a branch on your tree.?


It is called Epi Etoile.


Are you in the US? If that branch makes more like that next year, you’ll get lots of request for bud wood.

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I am in the US. Oregon

Cool, I’m in SW WA. What did it taste like?

Haven’t eaten it yet.

The apple is the Etoile or ‘star’ variety of apple. Don’t know how it happenend. Not an easy variety to grow.


Maybe it’s not Api, I get deformed apples sometimes as well. This is from Beni Shogun that had a lot of aphid pressure and was not thinned. Some apples looked like this


Now that is interesting. Just ordered my apple scion of Api Etoile and Reine des Reinettes.

Your bug damaged apples have taken a great shape. Mine were just deformed.

The OP’s apple was so symmetrical. To me, looks to be more natural shape than bug-induced.


You are most likely right but it seems kind of dark, almost ribbed for Api. It might be some new interesting seedling, who knows.
@Arhus76 Do you think this is Api (the first, original picture)? I think you grow it, right?

Do you know what branch it grew from? Could you take a picture of the tree?

Can you tell if its a grafted tree and whether these came from the grafted portion?

Do you know what apple variety it is, or have pictures of the “normal” apples? What do they taste like?


My thoughts, exactly!

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I think @SMC_zone6 also grow Epi Etiole.

This apple is evenly lobed.

Thanks Paul, that’s interesting.
No, it’s not API ÉTOILÉ nor API STAR.
It may be a spontaneous mutation on a branch. this is also how we get new varieties. I’ll mark the branch to see if the same happens next year.
Very pretty.