Sir Prize avocado looking ragged

My sir prize was transplanted in March 2019 from a 15 gallon pot. It already flowered and vigorous looking when transplanted. I removed all but 2 of the fruits when they set. Now the tree is looking really sick and ragged. I’m guessing it is due to bearing fruit too early. People told me not to let it fruit during the first year. From the photos do you guys think the trees with all the leaves turned yellow and burnt at the the edges is a seasonal thing or due to carrrying fruit too early or salt burn?


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Our previous avocado leaves looked like that when we were watering with the hose (guessing from sd salt). We put a filter on the hose and it hasnt happened with our new one

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I also been using a inline filter on the hose.

Avocados do drop a certain amount of leaves heading into winter, and your new growth looks healthy. I have an Hass and they are really picky on watering amounts. Looking at some of the yellowing maybe a little too much water. Could also be some sunburn on the leaves.