Site will be down this evening for 30 minutes or so


I need to do some upgrades. Probably 9PM or so EDT…


Thanks for the heads up.


OK all done! The site should be a bit faster as we switched from Xen to KVM virtualization. Also we are on Discourse 1.7 now.


Thanks, Scott. I have no idea what any of that means, but it all sounds good, lol!!


Thanks for the update. I know a little about electronics and the like, but I don’t follow a word you said. So, what did y’all do in laymen’s terms?

On a kinda side note, this morning, I was on my little smartphone, that’s never been activated, but is used sometimes for internetting. I saw some odd stuff on the home page, like either Korean or Japanese scripts of some sort. I don’t know if anyone else saw it, but does that make any sense? Plus, the site was just acting weird. When I later got on my tablet, everything seemed normal.


Cheers to you, Scott. This site has been helpful beyond words and fun as well. Thanks so much for your efforts.


Thanks for all you do to ‘make it go’ Scott.


This site is not running on a “real” computer, its running on a virtual computer. Its just a piece of software (KVM or Xen) running on some computer “pretending” to be the computer hardware which can run our website. Its amazing how well it all works given how complex it is.

I don’t know what could cause the glitch you saw, hopefully it was a one-off.


Thanks, Scott. I do like the look and functionality of this forum format. It’s very user friendly. I’ve seen this ‘system’ on some other forums on the interwebs, but not a lot.


liking this new update, is there a change log? I like the red line denoting new posts since my last visit.


Oh, so that’s what it is

I’d like to see the little green house-for-home back


Ah, thats what that line is for :blush: I noticed it was at a fixed point back in time. The change log is here

We just upgraded to version 1.7 so look at what it added.


Hey they also allow different versions of emojis, I just switched to the Win 10 version. I can switch back to the default (Emoji one) if people don’t like these new ones.


works for me