Six inches of snow are coming tomorrow and the Asian persimmons going night night

See you in late March Kakis.



Yikes! Will you water them at all during the winter?

I watered them every 2 weeks to keep the soil moist.


Those are some cozy looking persimmons. They are worth the trouble. Last week I had some Chocolate persimmons. Bought them hard, wasnt that crazy about them. Ripened them in a bag of apples for a week. Wonderful, juicy, super sweet, food for the gods! Diospyrios indeed!

Indeed they are. I have been munchkin on store bought Hachiya, and California Fuyu.


Wow, those are beautiful!!! We don’t have those in our market. If we ever do I will buy some, then you can tell me when to eat them. Wowwwww

I have some unlabeled variety persommons ripening in a bag of apples right now.

Which do you like better, Hichaya or Fuyu? I prefer Hichaya, I think.

My Nikita’s Gift is 6 feet tall now, with thick stems and fat buds. Saijo looks less vigorous, but taller. Yates is much smaller and planted Jan 2015, but had flowers this year. Maybe 2016 will be the year of the persimmon.

Looks like my garage full of figs!


Yeah, I think you will like them. The Hachiya is so good. I hope you can get them from an Asian market.


My wife and children liked a little late soft ripe Fuyu. I preferred the real sweet Hachiya like you. I can eat 3 persimmons a day but only 1 apple every few days.


Anytime I talk to someone new to persimmons, I recommend the Fuyu, over the Hachiya. The Fuyu can be eaten crunchy like an apple (how I prefer them), while the Hachiya (my wife likes these) can only be eaten jelly-soft (applies to astringent persimmons in general). If you miss-time it with a Fuyu, it is still fine, as they are good soft (how Tony’s family prefers them), but if you eat a Hachiya when it is too firm, you may never want to try another persimmon.

I got some last weekend from a Chinese grocery store. They were surprisingly cheap- $6 for a box of 36 (small ones). A similar sized box of 15 (larger ones) was $15, so there is a definite price premium.

My garage looks the same, but not with persimmons. I myself do not care for the fruit. I may try them again it’s been a few years.I’m not fond of sweet fruit in general. Some I like, but most I do not. When I use lemons as a garnish in a drink, when the drink is finished I eat the lemon slices. Yum! Lime too!

Drew it’s a wonder you’ve got any enamel left on your teeth… :smirk:

We use so much lime in Thai cooking. I used to love sour food and fruit. I don’t have any enamel left and is paying the price. Can’t eat much sour food. Can’t drink too cold or too hot drinks.

Tony - the weather in MA is hot and cold (literally). It’s 15 F last week, 50 F on Thanksgiving and the day after. Now it’s down to low 40 F. It’s all over place. My trees esp. figs and Musa Basjoo banana were as confused as I am.

I just put figs away in unheated garage and covered my outdoor banana in mulch. I need to clean out my garage before I could move our cars in. So far, it’s full of my gardening stuff. Hopefully, there will be no snow here for a while.

Well try this at least 3 times a day!

Thanks, Drew. I have been using something even stronger than that per my dentist.

The lesson is lot of lime/lemon can really does pernpmanent damage on enamel on teeth.

And sugar won’t? Ha! I’ll take the acid. Less enamel is better than large decayed areas of tooth pulp. Better keep the brix down.
Really my teeth are fine. I have all of them still. Sugar can be just as damaging.
It’s not like I garnish my drinks daily either. Maybe once a month I have adult beverages. Otherwise I just drink water. Coffee has a lot of acid too, and it is why I use the tooth paste. I drink about 3 cups daily.