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Steven released an excellent video on training trees on his youtube channel.


Thanks for posting @Chikn He does a good job explaining his concept. I think this is the link.


More useful information. 40 years ago you had to get encyclopedias or check books out from the library…if you could even find one with good information at all.


Another great video. I just got started last year and I follow this training advice to a T. So glad someone introduced me to his videos.

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Thank you @Chikn
I also watched his other 2 similar videos about pruning. In those, he used smaller rootstocks. It has inspired me to redo all my two year old pears and apples.

Hopefully, he will be around and produce more such great videos. His statements in this video sound ominous.


Timely video for me, stone fruit training has been pretty easy for me to do, but my apple trees never seem to behave. They do seem to like to grow the central leader way, and even if I cut the leader out they just grow another one. Seems possible that removing the leader was a mistake, but I really like an open tree. Ideally I can get mine to look umbrella shape eventually.

Biggest take-away I have right now is I really need to be using clothes-pins to spread out the angle on my scaffolds.

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Really nicely done vdo.

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