Slatton Limbertwig

It’s a long shot :slight_smile: but has anyone tasted a Slatton Limbertwig.


Never heard of that.

I have one in the ground but it’s gonna be a while. I know Podpiper has but haven’t seen him around these parts in a while. We’re you ever able to obtain Rose LT?

The last I heard from Podpiper his work was keeping him extremely busy. I grafted Slatton LT last spring and got good enough growth to plant one in the orchard last fall and like you it will be awhile until it fruits. I should have used a piece of the scion to make a limb graft. :roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face: The Rose LT is still on my want list.

Only one source for Rose LT- hope that opens up at some point. Maybe he’s waiting to try to confirm ID but don’t know how he’d do that unless there’s someone alive who knows it.

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Yes at some point we just have to trust that some of these rare Limbertwigs are correctly named. So much confusion :roll_eyes: As an example I’ve seen Red Limbertwig and Old Fashion Limbertwig listed as the same tree but my Red Lt from Big Horse Creek is a normal branched tree while my Old Fashion LT from Century Farms has the limber branches. Perhaps someday with cheaper DNA testing the Limbertwig familys can be sorted out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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