Sliced W/T Graft of Pear and Apple

I removed this limb and decided to open the graft joint and see what it looked like.

Pic 001 before cuts

Pic 002

Pic 003

Pic 004

Pic 005


Very cool, Nice callousing.



It is so interesting how the two pieces grow together.

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Some of my pear to apple grafts are in there 5th year and appear to be ok. I have been wanting to cut one of he grafts open see the healing process first hand but I didn’t to sacrifice any that were growing well.

So I notice that the apple side was not winter banana. What types of pears and apples have you grafted together?

I have several growing and some are doing better than others. When I first started I didn’t have a winter banana scion source so I just went with what I had on hand. Please keep in mind that according to what I have read these will most likely fail later on. We will see. Yates, Jonagold, Unknown Golden, Bud9, Big Red June, and Mollie. The list gets much larger when you include the others grafted via these interstems. Anna, Stripped June, Honeycrisp, Gala, Crabapples, Carolina June, and there may be more. The tree has so many ID labels it keeps the birds scared away.


Very interesting stuff.

5 years later, what has happened to these pear on apple grafts?

Last year I removed pear/apple grafts but not because of any apparent graft issues. They still seemed okay for the short period of time. It would take much longer in my opinion to determine compatability.


Did any of the pear fruit, or were they not on long enough?

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Yes both the apples and pears fruit. Sorry but the fruit flavors don’t mix.


Aw, I was hoping for that elusive flavor :wink: I wasn’t sure how fast pears fruited for these cross-species grafts. Faster than on own-roots, anyway. I may try with a pear on dwarf apple roots, but next year.

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