Small fruit and berries in NJ

I just joined and am looking forward to learning and sharing information. I have a small suburban farm (about 1/2 acre) where I grow gooseberry, aronia, currant, haskap, elderberry, and haskap. I’m growing to add some chickasaw plum this year to see how it works out. I sell to a variety of nearby restaurants and food businesses.
Anybody else out there in central NJ growing small fruit and berries, mostly the less common stuff?


Welcome! We don’t have too many NJ members but @lordkiwi is north of you and @Moley is in the city. Also @growjimgrow and @ross are close to Trenton but in PA. Lotsa members in PA…


Hi Mike,

Welcome to our forum! I am located in Wilmington, DE. How long have you been running this business? Is this supplementary income for you? Or your main source of living?


Are you apart of NOFA, Mike?

Just a back yard grower my self. I have Goumi which is related to autumn olive and goji berries which do fantastic but my wife and daughter are the only ones that actualy like to eat them. Commercially however Goji might have a market with the restaurant folk. Sure they dont taste like much but any dish dotted with Fresh Goji would draw eyeballs.

I have been growing for market about 12 years and for the last 6-7 years I have focused on berries and small fruit. My total sales on my half acre or so growing area are only in the mid 20K so it is a supplemental income. I just retired last year so now that I am doing this full-time maybe I can up the amount a bit.


Yes, I participate in NOFA-NJ activities.

I also have two goumi bushes. They are quite large at this point - about 7 feet tall. Very prolific. I only have the two bushes because I never really found much of a market for the fruit. I’ve grown goji but after the first year the plants declined drastically and eventually died.

Good day, I am located in NJ. Middlesex County to be exact. Unfortunately, the fruits we grow do not line up. However, it is a pleasure to see a new member from NJ here. I am eager to hear about your successes and wish you well with your future endeavors.