Small Gardens: making the most of the space


I been planning for years how I wanted this tiny apartment garden space to wind up like. It is about 3/4 of the way there!

I am trying to paint step stones (will see if it peels.) Plan to dig a bit deeper and roll out the landscape fabric, then pour sand I got from Cannon Beach on top. Will have some shade from grape arbor (needing recoat of stain) and I can put out a beach chair in my garden and sprawl out my legs into the hot sand and sit in my yard surrounded by pleasant fruits and scented flowers and herbs.

That is my goal by say next year?

Here are photos of what I been doing.

I used the dirt I dug to make raised garden bed. Our ground is hard clay.

I noticed my neighbors were inspired and I should post photos of theirs because they use very little money but are making it a nice place to sit a spell as well.

Please share photos of your own tiny garden paradise in progress!


nice job! looks like your little piece of heaven! :wink:


You got it!!
Also, it makes our apartment complex feel more friendly, and in an area of drugs, crime, and poverty, that really helps everybody feel safer.


Looks great! If it’s a poor area and you want to share and encourage people, is it possible to plant maybe some rhubarb and/or sage (for example) into the edges of the public spaces? Those are super hardy with pretty much no maintenance needed and are easy for lots of people to use and share since most don’t need much at any one time.


You mean like this? :wink:

I figure in 1 to 2 more years my 3 rhubarb should be decent size.
I got white and pinapple sage, and lots of other herbs in an herb garden.


i have 5 large patches of victoria and canada red rhubarb. me and the wife can onlyput a dent in what we have. we also have a lot elderly neighbors that were raised on rhubarb. many come see us when they see the patches are ready to pick. my wife said i should sell some at the farmers market but i prefer to help my neighbors. besides they always return the favor with breads, pastry or picked veggies. :wink:


That is the old neighborly way! :slight_smile: