Small Gnats experiment …

By accident, left 2 buckets with water, filled one with a teaspoon of micro solution that turn dark. 2 days later bucket with dark water collected a bunch of dead nats, bucket with clear water? Nothing.

A Tspoon. No smell.


I’d guess that the small amount of micro solution (?) gave off an odor, perhaps a sweetness or a pH difference that attracted the gnats

of course I could be wrong…



We use a small bowl on the kitchen counter with a piece of plastic over it with holes poked in the plastic, and fill the container partly with apple cider vinegar. This attracts and drowns the fruit flies when there is an outbreak from bananas etc. A similar setup may work well for seed starting areas for fungus gnats, I’ll plant on trying it this year.


Use the spelling “gnat” when doing research on this topic.

Gnats are a specific type of insect; it is not possible to tell from your excellent pictures what type of insect has been trapped. Could be gnats or flies or something else.

Do you have fungus gnats among your plantings?

Sorry about my spelling. Don’t have a lot of Fungus Gnats. Been bringing in Miracle Growth potting soil that’s how I got them. Brought in some full bags of MG,laying outside through the winter, eggs survive, amazing. Don’t buy Miracle Growth if you doing seeds and fig cuttings.Don’t worry much with fig cuttings using Turface only. Could use D.E.

Some one on here taught me to use mosquito bits in a water can to control fungus Gnats. Just a tsp or so in a gal. Water can will treat many potted plants, just a little in each. It’s the bacteria BTi.
I treat potted plants in the fall before I bring inside. And maybe once a month or so. Best as a preventative.Kills the larva , not the adults.
I would water some into that potting soil bag of yours .
And other things , now that you have them inside.
You may still get another hatch , but it will keep them from multiplying.

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@Hillbillyhort and others I just doing a trial with a couple little pots. Going to get a bunch of pepper seeds coming in, got to be sure I don’t kill my very choice peppers for this year.

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