Small M. nigra cuttings available for pickup in Vista CA

I have 5 small M. nigra cuttings available for pickup in Vista CA, 92083.

They are sandwiched in a folded piece of peat moss sheeting and sealed in a vacuum pack bag in the refrigerator.



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I would love to pick up a cutting, especially if you can advise on propagating! Can they be rooted like figs?

Basically, yes.

You can borrow my propagation book, or order it inexpensively online :slight_smile:
“Plant Propagation” ed. Alan Toogood.

Or you could possibly purchase the plant at Walter Andersen, Poway if they didn’t run out.


I will check Walter Anderson. I was just there Tuesday but might have missed it. What section?

With the figs, berries, in the 10" tree pots.

Will check this weekend! Thank you!!

Looks like this:

They still had a few! My husband played the “exactly where are you going to plant it” card :grimacing:
I need justification! Have you tasted the fruit before? The card at Walter Anderson says ripens between spring and summer, I’m guessing April or May in Poway area?


Yes, it’s wonderful. I grew it, but on M. alba rootstock and it quickly became huge so I deleted it. Lo-and-behold, it’s now on its own roots.

In our climate the fruits develop incrementally over a 2-month period. Perhaps your first ripe fruits will be beginning of summer.


I went back and Walter Anderson stilled had three plants left! Now, there are two :wink:

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I have to justify a new plant with my wife on occasion. I’m not above ‘cheating’ - “Honey, the Deanna fig is named after you, I can’t throw any away, I want to keep them all!” And thank you again for those Deanna cuttings! The one I stuck in a pot outdoors and forgot about is doing the best and actually gave us a couple of figs about a month ago.

I recently bought a Chiappetta cutting which is her maiden name. Can never get rid of that one either (if it makes it)

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@JCT You are so lucky. I did a google search and the only cultivar that has my husband’s name is a Saskatoon berry but I would for sure not be above using that trick!! So glad the Deanna worked out for you!

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And my son Dominic (almost the variety Dominick) is also lucky to share his name with a variety, so I do have one of those.
Unfortunately for myself and my daughter, we are not lucky enough to share our name with a fig. I’ve my fingers crossed that the volunteer fig in my yard beats the 1:1 million odds and is a tasty, common variety fig that I can name after her.

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If you do, then register the cultivar with the CRFG.

Yes, but it’d be like winning the lottery. From one of the OurFig threads, it most likely is a male fig, but it’ll be superb root stock to try grafting.

It did produce a single fig this year, but it recently dropped and I wasn’t able to find it, so no idea on what it is yet.

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