Small part of my small operation

Between a hardwood forest is an opening enough to plant a few none hardwood tree’s mainly oriental… persimmon tree’s, some tropicals, plums, peach, pears and veg’s not to forget citrus.


Very nice place you got there Bob. Lucious looking trees. The lake doesn’t look too far from your place either. Can you walk down from your house?


I can, but wife don’t, she does 't like the walk, i use my 4 wheeler, takes a minute.


What is the purple/pink flower in the first pic? Lovely!

I really don,t know, they come up every year everywhere in the yards.

Wow beautiful property

I’d almost swear that’s a petunia. As petunias continue to re-seed, they ultimately return to that shade of pink .



My wife buys plants and I have to take care of them, never look at the tags, some are missing during transplanting.

Arkansas is one of the poorest states , bought three lake lots in totaling five acres for $ 27.000.
Build a costum home 3100 sg for 145.000. That’s year of 2000. Taxes low, electricity low, gas low and a few others low as well.
Boatdock low, fish free, built fish habitat free, don’t need boat to catch fish, water is most of the time very clear, can see fish.


The mountains in Arkansas were nice for central US. I drove through the ouachitas and hot springs some time ago it’s a really pretty area.

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