Small pear crop this year

I removed what seemed like a thousand blooms from my transplanted pear trees but in the end I couldn’t resist the temptation to let a few Harrow Sweet stay on one limb. The seven remaining look to be developing pretty well.


I blame either squirrels or birds, they bit off my young pears so I have no Magness and Fondante left. Not sure why they did not bit off Blake Pride instead!!

Need to get bags on the rest.


I saw squirrels in my pear today. I’m going to have to take measures.


They look great! I hope they are wrapped in steel! My one multi-grafted pear used to look like a suit of armor!


Im the worst offender of knocking off pears as i mow around them. In a perfect world i would have wood chips all around them but it never works out exactly that way.

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