Smith Red Valencia

Hello All,
I’m growing a Smith Red Valencia from Four Winds and would like to know a few extra things about it from some who have experience with Smith Red Valencia. I was curious of what temperatures it had survived and where is it being grown (I’m in S Louisiana 9A/8B)? What are some of the negative and positive experiences with this tree? How does the flavor compare to both other blood oranges and Valencia oranges. Also it is grafted onto a rootstock called Cuban Shaddock that I can’t find a whole lot of info on.

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Cuban shaddock is not cold hardy. Had fruit on my smith red this year in a pot. Very good color and tastes like other blood oranges. I’d say it has cold hardiness of a round orange. Your root stock may freeze out from under the scion. Pummelo which cuban shaddock is freezes more than smith red. They don’t call it Valencia anymore. The fruit has the shape of a blood orange, not the shape of a valencia and is earlier than a valencia…

mrtexascitrus The tree was tarocco but should be similar. Round oranges will defoliate at 25F. Freezing depends on length of freeze as well as lowest temp and weather before the freeze. IMHO keep the SR in a pot due to rootstock not cold hardy. sr by philip sauber, on Flickr

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Thank you for all that information Phil! Looking forward to smith red.

Just curious to know how your smith red orange worked out? I’m also in south La and am thinking about getting one to add to my collection.

Hello there. Where abouts in S. La are ya?Smith Red lost some of last years growth in the big freeze this past year, completely defoliate but is coming back very strong with no split or sunburned wood. The darn thing has still never put on a flower for me. If you have some roots to stick it to, I could send you some wood to graft Smith Red.

My citrus trees are in Napoleonville / assumption parish. Is this a good time to graft? Thx. JJ

Ahh great area. We can graft it early spring.

Lets plan on it :+1: