Smooth Texan Three Nectarine

Just tasted my first of these this afternoon. This is off a young and pretty small tree in my greenhouse. This is a low acid yellow clingstone. I mean very low as in no detectible acid at all low. Pretty darn sweet. Not bad at all. If memory serves me correctly I still preferred the taste of Honey Blaze and Royale better but this one would ripen sooner than those. This is the third variety of the new Texas A and M nectarines that I have tasted. I didn’t care too much for Smooth Texan One. Not bad for such an early fruit but not at all special. Smooth Zest One (a balanced flavored white) was awesome. Definateley the best of the three with a great balanced flavor. It was still low acid IMO but more overall flavor. Would be happy if all my nects taste like this one. Smooth Texan Three was larger than the other two and had much more yellow in the skin color than the others both of which were almost 90 percent red. Overall I liked the taste just fine and would be a good fit if you like super low acid. Looking forward to tasting the rest of these and seeing how they perform in the future.

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Thanks for the review. Zest one definitely sounds like something I’d want to try.

Where are good places to buy recent TAMU releases like this? I’d love to try them but I’ve not found them online. I am in Texas so I could go to a physical nursery if need be.

I got all of my trees from covingtons nursery in Rowlett. If you go to the tree town USA website it lists several nurseries that carry the trees. May have a hard time finding them at this time of year but next fall through spring I’ll bet they will have em.

If you are looking for one of the peaches, Park Seed (of all places) is selling the White Delight 2 for $26.90 including shipping. They still have some left when I checked this afternoon. I bought one from them last year and it was a nice tree. It has grown well, not too vigorous, and has several preaches on it this year. The chill hours are a little low for your area, I think 500 to 600 and Dallas is about 750.

Yes I should say that Smooth Zest is a really early bloomer for up here. I get away with it by growing it in a pot and using my gh. I think Smooth Texan Three would be good for outdoor growing here from a chill hour perspective. I think Womacks also has some if the peaches also.

Others in the Honey series ripen earlier, but most are not obtainable without a lot of effort!
Honey Fire is earlier. I want to try Honey Royale as it is more suited for my area, Blaze too. Well enjoy the fruit! I myself love the acid fruits, but want one good low acid peach or nectarine. My wife and friends don’t have the acid cravings I do, so I need some variety here!

I bought mine from ACN years ago. Maybe they will sell them again? You know I am still trying to figure my pallet out as far as low acid and acid. I think I may enjoy bpth as long as the flavor has some balance to it.

I agree Drew, I like both. My favorite nectarine is Arctic Glo, a high acid fruit that is extremely sweet too, at least grown here. I like figs too, and they are not acid fruits except for a few. I’m sure eventually all Honey series will be around, and I think Blaze is for backyard growers, I’m sure it will be fine as a substitute. plus I can get Royale if I buy enough trees from a local wholesale nursery which surprisingly stocks both Blaze and Royale.
Most of my peaches/nects are high acid so I need some low ones!
If my grafts take i should have a nice selection of peaches and nectarines. I’m hoping 1/3 take, I’ll be very happy!

Artic Glo sounds interesting for sure I’ll look into it. If I happen to see anyone selling Blaze or Royale I’ll holler for sure. For what its worth Blaze was better for me when I had them both. I think I may have been picking Royale too soon however. I still have Royale but it will not fruit this year as I had to dig it up from its previous spot and I had to prune it back severly. It is growing like a champ now and I hope for fruit again next year.

Well if you can graft you can have a piece of mine. The patent has run out.
I’m looking for Arctic Jay next year, patent ends this year. I ran out of room, so grafting is an option for me till I can talk the wife into more trees! :heart_eyes:

Good call, I’ll be looking for Artic Glo and Artic Jay next year as well. I grafted Artic Star this year and 2 of 3 failed. Hopefully I have at least one survivor.

I would take those odds, as I have to graft so late, I’m lucky to get any takes. I’m going to try earlier next year.

Thank you so much for the genorous offer Sir. I’m a bit rusty but yes I graft. I’ll sent a list of what I have next winter or I will happily pay you whatever for scion. By the way are your peppers up and growing yet?

Awesome. OK, we are ways away, we’ll figure it out later.

They are planted out. None in ground this year, all containers, and 4 in straw bales. Still small, starting to grow at last with this warmer weather. Photo from 2016 05 07
I’m starting to get fruit formation on the peppers, but it is still way early for here. The tomatoes are doing well too.

Brittany, Park Seed has the white delight #2 on sale for $7.95 + $6.95 postage. It is on sale for Memorial day.

They’re already out! Thanks, though!

Well, my second year White Delight #2 has finally started ripening. It has grown really well, vigorous but not too vigorous. The tree looks good with no leaf diseases. We have had a very wet year, even for us. I guess we have had over 40 inches of rain since January and were wet all winter long.

The tree produced about 2 dozen peaches of average size. They colored up well. However, they have no taste. I tried one that was slightly over ripe and one that was ripe but still firm. I will give the White Delight 2 one more year, but if the taste does not improve I will be taking it out next year. It could be the excessive rain so others may have better results. I will pick the rest and give them to the people at work. They may find that they taste better than I do.

The first year Topic Snow that I have produced 3 peaches and they tasted very good. It has a chill hour rating of about 200.

Do you grow any of the other new A and M varieties Gary?

It is the only new A and M variety I have. After letting the fruit set for a day or two they did get a mild peach flavor. I have grown Tropic Snow, Snow Queen nec. and Arctic Star Nec. They were all better than WD 2. The White Delight 2 does have a good firm texture, esp. for a white peach.

They may improve next year. Who knows. Thank you Sir.