Smooth Zest One Nectarine

This is my first year to fruit this variety. This is growing in my greenhouse. These have been very, very good. I would be happy if all my nectarines tasted like this one. Number one I cant believe how early these are and they are far and away the best early ripening fruit I can remember growing. I started picking these a week and half ago and now seem to be at peek ripeness. They are a white flesh clingstone. Unlike most whites though as the name suggests these have some acid as well. I taste mostly sweet though. I think you would need to be in a true low chill area to grow these outdoors as these started blooming really early with the mild winter this year. South Texas, SoCal, Southern Arizona I bet would all be good fits with the dry air. I must say I haven’t tried too many other early ripening nectarines but I’d bet this would stack up against the best of them in this time slot. Anyway just wanted to report a bit about this one.




Sounds interesting. It must be about as early as Honey May. That’s my earliest. It’s low acid and about 18 brix at best. It’s good but has to compete with apricots in that time slot.

How warm do you run your greenhouse?

Thats funny I have been meaning to ask you the same question. My day time highs the last few weeks have been in the high 70’s through the mid eighties depending on cloud cover and such. A few days maybe a little warmer. I don’t honestly know what the night time temps run but I’m sure its a little warmer than outdoor temps. Next year I plan on adding some other varieties of Nectarines to see how these stack up in a few years but I am really happy with these. I also plan on adding a few Apricots as well and I have never grown those and don’t at all no what a ripe one tastes like. It looks like Spring Satin Plumcot is next for me as they are coloring up really well now.

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For the sake of potted figs I’ve been running 86/62 lately. Chilling ended Jan 1. During chilling I run 38 night and as cool as possible by day, usually 55-60 high. In Jan next yr I’ll run 66/42., Febr 72/48. Then after cherries set I’ll jump up to something like 86/62 for the small potted figs.

Chilling ends January first in your GH that is amazing. What a set up you have designed. I am still learning my set up for sure and I was a little worried I may not have been letting things be warm enough but so far I think its good. I have Tomatoes that I started over winter in one of my cold frames ripening in my main greenhouse now as well. They have been really good so far.

At 4500 ft elevation my nights are way cooler than Dallas. That means I can start getting chilling in late October. And our dew points are lower so the evaporative cooling really kicks in most days, minus 10-14F below outside during midday. I need reflective material above the trees to maximize chilling.

In Dallas I’d think you should try to limit chilling to mostly Dec and Jan. You might start mid to late Nov.

Do you ever let it climb to 100F in your greenhouse? Seeing the phoenix guy and his cots and peaches thriving in the 100F desert heat, i wonder if you can’t push the temp a little…no?

On the warm end it hits 100 in summer. I could keep it cooler but no need to run all out. Figs don’t mind and even blueberries are fine after harvest.