Snapdragon apple trees for sale?

Anyone know of nurseries that sell ny1/Snapdragon apple trees? Schlablachs in NY is sold out.

I’m thinking that it’s a club apple right now and not available to the general public.

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I guess I was mistaken, I thought it was generally available.

A member here posted about Snapdragon’s (NY1) patent has expired. I can’t find that post now. Schlabach did offered it this year but it was sold out.

Some of the patents of club apples have expired. We can buy those varieties when offerred at retail nurseries.


If you happen to come across any other vendor (mail order), drop me a link please. I hate when I’m late to the game when ordering😂

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I was late , too. Sent in order in late Dec/early Jan. Too late.


my notes on snapdragon
name: “NY 1”,
AKA: [“Snapdragon ™”, “New York 1”, “NY 98804-001”],
patent: USPP22228P3 - Apple tree named ‘New York 1’ - Google Patents expires 2030-01-13

I have an order in with Schlabach’s that they haven’t notified me about so I might get it, I also thought it was club only and was excited to see it there


Per this article, it is a “managed release” with exclusive licensing agreement. My guess is it should be sold only to commercial growers who are willing to sign an agreement, not to backyard growers like us.

Schlabach sent back confirmation to me saying Snapdragon is not available. That could be why the nursery won’t sell it to me.

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Appears Crunch Time Apple Growers may be the managing cooperative:

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schlabach’s sent me a confirmation, they made one substitution (out of 30 trees) and it wasn’t for snapdragon. so it looks like I might get it. scheduled to ship in march


When did you place your order? Mine was Dec24. It could be too late for Schlabach’s Snapdragon.

mailed 8 dec, would have arrived maybe 14 dec

Schlabach’s came through, I got a tree tagged “NY1” from them today. hopefully they’ll have it again next year. if not I can start slinging scion in eight years when the patent’s up

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Awesome news! I’ll try to put my order in earlier next year.

NY1 is still under plant patent, exclusively licensed to growers belonging to NYAG LLC (dba Crunch Time Apple Growers). If you’d like to keep your tree, please reach out to Crunch Time to join the LLC and pay to proper sub-license fee and royalties that are due. Schlabach’s is also not an authorized nursery.

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Is someone going to go take the tree from them? How does that work.

This sounds like a scam. I wouldn’t pay. I would think that the company hired to pursue the plant patents would make more money by chasing after the nursery that sold the tree (probably trees) than one solitary grower on a message board.
Is the effort really worth the payoff?

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Thats my thought as well. Seems like a waste of resources for a single person growing it.

Yes, the effort can be worth the payoff. You can get a lot of publicity that will deter future violations…



“Is someone going to go take the tree from them? How does that work.”

They file a lawsuit against you and the seller and you have to get an attorney.

They joined the forum just to make that comment. @z0r bought a tree from a nursery. He did nothing wrong. Even stated he would wait for the patent to run out to give out scion. I wouldn’t pay that person any attention. If there is an issue, it’s with the nursery, not the person who bought it.

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