Snow Queen White Nectarine

In the foreground is my young Snow Queen White Nectarine on Citation rootstock. It’s currently lopsided to the right and still in training. Eventually I’ll permit it to be about 8 feet tall and wide. @MuddyMess_8a: notice a path behind the plant for installation of the put-put course :slight_smile:


Does ‘Snow Queen’ ripen for you at the same time as ‘Arctic Star’?

Historically in Rancho Peñasquitos, mine started ripening after Mid Pride was about finished. It seems the same will hold true here.

OK, cool. Do you have an ‘Arctic Star’ nectarine tree?

I have Desert Dawn, setting a crop for the first time in this location. From the looks of it, the Desert Dawn will overlap the end of Mid Pride and beginning of Snow Queen.

Do you mean May Pride? Mid Pride should be much later.

Mid Pride :slightly_smiling:

Later compared to … ?

According to DWN data (for Modesto area), Snow Queen ripen mid-late June, while Mid Pride ripen mid-July, about three weeks later.

True. But it is also true that Hickman CA (95323) and my area of Vista CA (92083) have different climates.

Check out the USDA interactive climate map for California:

Pruned from about 8’ to 5’.


Budding out, slowly but surely …


Wow, that’s super late in your climate!

Lack of chill hours is no joke.


Yeah figured so…surprised the tree survived staying dormant this late in Vista!

Very unhappy tree

Do we know the reason for the unhappiness? Lack of chill hours? I was gonna consider this variety.

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Based on my experience at two properties in San Diego county I recommend 200 or more chill hours.