Snowsweet trees available for 2021

Anyone know who has Snowsweet trees available for spring 2021? Looking for around 120-150 trees.

Orange pippin trees has it on several rootstocks. They are a retail supplier but I suspect they get many of their trees from Cummins nursery. You might try reposting in the general fruit forum since the trading post is mainly used for exchanging scionwood. I would suggest a title like " Where can I get Snowsweet apple trees wholesale?"

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Sounds good!

Just got Schlabach’s Nursery, NY catalog. They have Snowsweet. To order catalog: 866 600 5203 and leave name and address. If you have questions: 585 798 6198. As you probably know, they only do mail order. Price is very reasonable and tree quality is good.


I bought a “Sundance” scion from someone (not on this forum) in 2016 that was mis-labelled and turns out to be Snowsweet. Produced some nice apples here in 7B. Sundance was going to be my tart pie apple- so am back to square one, have Sundance cutting coming from someone here.

Does Schlabach’s Nursery sell small numbers of trees? I’m looking for royal red honeycrisp and the nurseries I’ve found that have it don’t sell just a few trees.

@Paul1 → Yes, single trees are $16 to $18, but shipping for one tree is $25. Shipping cost per tree quickly goes down as you buy more trees. EX) 5 trees would be $130 total, including shipping. EDIT–> I didn’t see Royal Red Honeycrisp in their catalog.

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They only have regular Honeycrisp. You can call and leave them a message. They’ll get back to you. Sometimes they have something that’s not listed but I doubt they have Royal Red Honeycrisp. You can order 1 tree or as much as you want.

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