So.....what did the winter kill (2018/2019 winter)

Knowing the zone pushing around here, just wondering what the cold took from people this year.

My list (which I am sure I will be editing and expanding):

My 1 branch of Parfume de Septembre looks to be toast, it is dead to within an inch or so of the graft without question, so only hope is it forces new buds from the wood which may or may not be dead.

In surprising news, my H118 did just fine, and so did all 3 of my apricots, and my peregrine peach. They were the ones I EXPECTED to see dead, and they barely even have tip damage…

Moonglow pear couldn’t take the cold. It is very much dead.

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That’s too bad its one of the hardy mirabelles

Too early to tell here. It’s not the end of April yet, still time for snow (perish the thought!).

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So far, it looks like all the fruit survived

Not sure about a few azaleas

Too early to tell. But hopefully NOTHING is the answer.

Too early, but I know a persimmon is not going to make it.

Also too early for many things here but I’m pretty sure all my figs are fried … yet again. I am going to plant some new apples in their spot this weekend, enough years dealing with these fickle figs.


I imagine it will be Memorial Day or later before I know what all was killed or damaged this winter.


Moonglow Pear and Winesap apple both appear to have 2 or 3 inches dead at the end of every branch.

I know it’s not a tree, but my bee hive died.


I think I finally found a way to overwinter vertical strawberries planter, though we didn’t have very extreme temperatures in the winter. But boy, so much mold inside: captan, Captan, CAPTAN!

:disappointed: sorry to hear that.

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A rosemary. The Arp survived but the species plant did not.

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Until the last couple years, where fig quality was not reliably good because of excessive rain, figs have been among my most reliable crops. Squirrels haven’t figured them out, for one thing, but also, they don’t have off years cropping. The main issue is yellow jackets.

Of course, I do pop them out of the ground and wheel them into my unheated well house in about late Nov., which is built into the side of a hill. I wait until mid-april to wheel them out, so they don’t leaf out too soon. Leaves are tender as tomato plants and the crop can be ruined if the first leaves freeze.

Blueberries are equally reliable, but also are special needs children. Them I had to build a chicken wire house for.


My Archontophoenix cunninghamiana (King Palm) tree has a few bronzed fronds. Also my giant bird of paradise is going to need a good pruning, but will pull through.

My big Arps finally bit the dust this winter. I have them planted in tough spots for rosemary (soil and sun), so it’s no surprise. I’m going to replace them.

Is Tuscan Blue as hardy? I used to grow it and can’t remember.

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I lost my potted rosemary too. I thought the garage would be warm enough for it but apparently that is not the case.

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Looks like some of the big canes on my PA Freedom blackberry are toast. I checked some of them today with a scratch test and they were brown. I guess the nights in single digits and high winds did them in.

The other primocane BB (Traveler) canes look better, but a few are kinda brown as well. The other two UA (Osage and Ouachita) and the Triple Crown canes look fine to me.

Those PAFs will probably sprout new canes. It might be June by the time they do that, so don’t till them assuming they are goners.