So you want a cutie pie cherry from the muskateer series

Here you go

Want the others that can’t be found in the USA? Here is where you look

Cutie pie, sweet thing, d’Artagnon Cherry, big red aka wowza can all be found at honeyberryusa.

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I got one of each of these last year. Some come quit small but will be decent size in a year. Some of the ones they sent are already fruiting after one year too. To edit of course I lost the tags so no idea which is which of course.


Put one of these in this year- most websites selling these claim bigger and sweeter than other sour cherries. Sounds awesome- we’ll see.

I agree plants were quite small from honey berry but healthy.

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I have received both smaller and large plants from honeyberryusa. Like you said they were always healthy. The thing i like is they sell what i cant get anywhere else.

That is nice, I also put in a Pequot lakes black raspberry this year as well, couldn’t find those anywhere else either…

They sent some really nice black currant and honey berry plants this year too. They get 2 thumbs up from me.


They claimed the same thing about Juliet claiming it was jokingly a sweet cherry. What people came to realize was it was still a tart cherry at the end of the day so it will never be a Stella or a Bing.


You need to keep the fruits on the tree a little bit longer for more sugar.

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The thing is, the nursery sales in the USA and Canada are misleading no one they will tell us straight out these are part of the tart cherry breeding program. I dont like it when people claim they are sweet because these muskateers or romance cherries are not sweet cherries but they are hybrids. @mamuang has told me many times she likes a true sweet cherry and does not care for tart cherries out of hand. Many people feel the same. Selling tart cherries as sweet cherries will damage these companies reputation. Here are a few examples of the right and wrong way to sell muskateer hybrid sour cherries. DNA Gardens in Canada said it how it is a tart cherry. The juliet or carmine jewell etc. are very tart. These others from the same breeding program will be similar. I want to point out i have not tasted any of the 7 cherries from the muskateer collection.

Athos as an example is sold here and i agree with what they say the right balance of sweet and tart sounds good to me ,but if someone thinks they are sweet cherries they wont be happy they are sour cherries in this series.

" cherry ‘Athos’

sweet cherry (syn. Prunus avium Athos)

5 year guarantee

11.5 litre pot not grafted 1.2m £119.99

In stock (shipped within 1-2 working days)[Buy](javascript:void(0):wink:

Delivery options
  • Standard £7.95
  • Named Day £14.95

This plant is deciduous so it will lose all its leaves in autumn, then fresh new foliage appears again each spring.

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: moderately fertile, moist but well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: fast
  • Flowering period: April to May
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

Naturally compact, this superb cherry is one of the most hardy and reliable cultivars available. It’s invaluable in small gardens, and it can even be grown in large pots on the patio if they are kept well fed and watered. The fruits appear in abundance, ripening to deep claret red, and they have a flavour that is just the right blend of sweet and tart. Delicious when picked and eaten straight from the bush from early July! In addition to all that, ‘Athos’ is self fertile (pollination group 2) making it a really fantastic option for a small garden."

" Cherry Bush ‘Porthos’ Prunus Avium 3L


In stock

  • Enjoy the delicious sweet and tart flavour of the cherries from this ‘Porthos’ bush.
  • The delicious fruits are super sweet and have an old fashioned mouth-watering aromatic flavour – each totally winter hardy bush will produce up to 4kg of fruit per year once fully established.
  • Because it grows in a naturally dwarf BUSH habit and on its own roots, (rather than as a tall grafted tree) you can pick your heavy crop of tasty cherries from each branch, easily and from the safety ground level every summer … from early July here in the UK.
  • Porthos is perfect for any garden and is even suitable to grow in a large pot - it could even be grown as the ultimate productive hedge!
  • Supplied 50cm tall in a 3 litre pot. Eventual height – 2 m (6ft).

Product Information

The fruits from the ‘Porthos’ cherry bush are flavourful & sweet. High yielding and 100% self fertile, this bush also produces the familiar spring cherry blossom - so makes the perfect garden Cherry. If pruned hard each summer, it can be kept very compact, and can even produce big crops of fruit.

Because it grows in a naturally dwarf Bush habit and on its own roots, (rather than as a tall grafted tree) you can pick your heavy crop of tasty cherries from each branch, easily and from the safety ground level every summer … from early July here in the UK."

Someone might wonder how i know what D’Artagnan or others will taste like since i never tried it. I know it is similar to juliet based on all accounts Tart Cherry - D'Artagnan – DNA Gardens

"This is one of 7 cherries the University of Saskatchewan has released in 2022 for their 100 anniversary of horticulture. Part of the Musketeer series!

It has burgundy coloured fruit with flavour similar to Valentine and Juliet. The shorter stature and limber, arching branches. D’Artagnan also requires far less pruning than other varieties. Although Dr. Bors developed D’Artagnan with commercial growers in mind, this sour cherry is well suited to home gardeners who want a hedge of cherries. They are dwarf and willowy, great for a hedge - to form a hedge, plant them one metre apart in a row about one metre wide. Mulch the area so there is no grass or weed competition. For the first few years the plants will be individuals. When suckers begin to appear between the plants, don’t remove them, just let them grow up to fill in the rows,

Zone 2

H6’ & W8’ Maximum"

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