Solanum glaucescens

Hello! I am new here. Has anyone here ever grown Solanum Glaucescens? My plant has dropped hundred of flowers and doesn’t set fruit. Does anyone have experience with this species?

Thank you!

How many plants do you have? I ask because this looks like one of the S gene plants that are self-sterile. I have not found proof of this yet.

Other than that, it looks like a long season species that needs about 8 months to make a crop.

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Thank you!

I have three plants but so far two have not produced flowers. I read that it is able to self-pollinate but maybe that is not the case. Hopefully I learn more once the other plants begin to flower.

Thanks again!

Are you growing them inside? Since you are in z4 and it is a tropical it seems like that might be the case. For that condition even if they are self-fertile you should agitate them to help them self-pollinate since there is no wind to do that for you.

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Thank you for the reply

I started them inside last winter but they are currently outside in 5 gallons pots. Bees love the flowers and are on them all the time. I also occasionally try to aid in the pollination process by gently shaking the flowers.