Solo Stove fire pits, do you have one?

The topic may fit the Lounge category better. However, not every members can access Lounge. For a self serving purpose, I’d like to have as many members see the thread as I would like to get input from those who use this product.

The relation to gardening is that I plan to use it in my backyard garden :grin:

The one we want is the Bonfire model as it fits our small deck and small backyard.

Before we spend a few hundreds on it, I love to hear from Solo Stove fire pits owners, please.

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Not an owner myself, but a relative has one and enjoys it a lot. I saw it in operation and it appears to work as advertised.

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Thanks, Jay. I hope more people chime in. Need to convince my hubby that this looks like a wonderful Christmas gift for us :grin:


I don’t have one myself, but just ordered the Titan (well 2 of them since it was bogo sale) camp stove from them, with the second one being a gift for my brother-in-law. I know someone who has one and I was also going from the great reviews on our neighborhood list serve for the fire pit size ones like you are looking at. Everyone seems to really like them.

For my own yard, we bought a Snow Peak Takibi which my wife had seen some neighbors using. It is light, folds up for storage or to take with you and is easy to use. It is more like an elevated platform for a fire though, so the downside is that it can be smokey and if you have wood that sparks a bit, the sparks just go right out, but that is okay since we use it out on the lawn. The plus side is that you see the whole fire and enjoy it more like being around a camprfire and you can maintain a nice bank of glowing coals if you just want some gentle warmth, plus the portability is nice to toss in the car for trips. And it can be used as a grill as well.

The solo models are more enclosed so less concern about sparks jumping out which I’m sure would be good for use on your deck. And the design means it re-burns the smoke when it gets going - so less smoke issues. That can also be appreciated by your neighbors if you are on a small lot.

Like I said, everyone in my neighborhood who owns one (3 or 4 people at this point) love them. The only two negatives I’ve heard people say is that with the smaller models, some of the larger firewood will be sticking up and not fit nicely inside, which you don’t want if you are trying to contain sparks on a deck, and, because it burns quickly and efficiently with the smoke burning off, people say they go through more wood than the “regular” firepits they had before. So just be prepared with enough wood on hand and cut the longer pieces down a bit if necessary.

I think your hubby should dust off the credit card and get you one!


Thank youvery much for your input and support :grin:

Mam, did you get the Solo? Looking forward to your review this summer if you did!

No, I did not. The better half said there are better things to spend money on :unamused:

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Is the burn rate adjustable? I wonder if this might be a solution to combat late frosts.

Taking the plunge today. Solo stoves is running a 45% off special for Memorial Day. Which brings the 19.5" Bonefire down to $219. But the bundle with Lid and stand are $289. I saw alt brand Hotspot at Homedepot for $199. But Solo’s accessories are also on sale and Hotspots are not so to get a lid would be $99.99 vs $59.99. Solo has a stand to make it deck safe for $37 and Hotspot doesn’t appear to have a stand to make it desk safe either.

Also user code DRIFTWOODDECORE20 for $20 off.

FYE the site still shows the sale is on as of 9am EST? May 31th

We have one and love it so much we lug it around when we go camping. We are also trying to design a firepit for our backyard w/ similar mechanics. For us, it was totally worth the price.

Not the overprice though, With an Alt brand out there now. The current 45% off price is the right price. Which is why I bought it.

The camp stoves on the other hand are still overpriced The Ultimate Wood Burning Camp Stove | Solo Stove Campfire at $104.99 when I bought on Aliexpress for $15. I bought the Camp stoves last year and the quality is good. at 1/10 the cost.

Outdoor Camping Stove Portable Stove BBQ Picnic Burning Low Smoke Stove Cooking Hiking Climbing Supplies Equipment| | - AliExpress

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This one was not available last year but its a good option also $119
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The sale is still going on BTW. its bascly twice a year and the next one will likly be for black friday.

Use this link to get $50 extra off.