Some blueberry variety talk mainly Sweetcrisp and Springhigh my favorites


I ordered 2 a couple of years ago. They are growing lanky like Drews and seem to be Sweetcrisp. They were crisper than the rest of the blueberries I grow. I have heard they were not true before but I seem to have gotten the correct varieties. I know nothing is more frustrating than getting the wrong variety.


I ordered Indigocrisp today! Yeah!


I ordered three IC and one each Sweetcrisp and Springhigh.


I thought about ordering Springhigh too, but I think I would be pushing it. I may not get fruit here, all the same it is worth trying with IC. Springwide might be worth checking out too. I think blueboy1977 liked it, I know somebody did that used to post on Gardenweb.
If I have success with IC I may order more.
I had a mixed bag this year. Chandler, Liberty, Legacy, and Sweetcrisp did very well, but Toro and Cara's Choice almost died. I'm bummed about Toro, a 3 year old plant that produces the sweetest berries of any I have. I thought a cross with IC might produce a cultivar hardy here. I scraped Cara's Choice, Toro will recover. I replaced CC with another. It's super small though.


Drew, FN,

Where did you order from?



Just Fruits and Exotics.


Yeah probably IC will not work here as it fruits so early, but if I give it the cold shoulder, I'm hoping it fruits later. I just need it to fruit once....for seed.


Blueboy later backed off on Springwide and now prefers Springhigh. I ordered the later just to be sure I've got the real deal. I'll actually be surprised if IC is as good as SC referring to berry quality. Bluecrisp was supposed to be a great berry also, not.


Yesterday, my Ochlockonee rabbiteye finally ripened. It gave me two tasty blueberries. This may not seem worth mentioning, except I am growing it on the northern fringe of where it is known to survive, Zone 6. And this is its 2nd year in a row producing yummy late-season berries here, coming on the heels of the two coldest winters in recent memory. I want to declare this thing a winner.

Other rabbiteyes not doing so well here. Climax gave me berries for the first time this year, but they tasted terrible.

Brightwell survives but has been non-vigorous so far. No berries yet.

Vernon has put on some modest growth. No berries yet.

Tiftblue and Powderblue died right after planting last spring. They got zapped by a late frost and never recovered.


Based on this thread, I bought a couple of Sweetcrisp plants in addition to three others this spring. And like last year, I managed to fry 'em all. Container blueberries are just not working for me. The only one plant I've not killed is Pink Lemonade. I'm going to wait till I can get a raised bed in my east facing front yard somehow.


Yeah and they also quickly moved it to the home market, it might not mean anything, but maybe it's not going well commercially?
I'm happy with the growth of Sweetcrisp here. It is doing really well. I did notice it is the first to start turning color from the colder nights we are having. it is still growing though! I should get a decent harvest next year, at least a few dozen.
I'm hoping we have a mild fall. My Indian Free peach is about 3 weeks from being ripe! Yikes! I have the late season covered for peaches! Well if it makes it???
We are three weeks away from the usual first frost, maybe 4 or 5 weeks, No more!
Everything was late this year from the very cold spring.


I did too.
The Cara's Choice I have,produced some berries this year.When first trying them,before they were fully ripe,I was impressed by their sweetness and thought that later,they were going to be much better.That really didn't happen with mine.The flavor was delicate and I'm still uncertain about this variety. Brady


Here is my sweetcrisp today, still growing, it's almost 80F here today.


I'd rather see it not growing and setting flower buds. But mine look the same way. I'm done tipping them and hope they'll settle down and give me a few berries next yr. Mine are new plants much like yours. A more mature plant would be more likely to have stopped growing by now.


I just went and looked closely and it is setting buds. My NHB ones though have much bigger buds right now. The chandler is amazing. It's grown to 4 feet tall with thick heavy branches. Berries are OK, not great, very big! Still it seems to love it here, so I'm keeping it. Liberty too has grown really well and is almost as tall. Southmoon stopped growing early but has many buds. Toro was hacked back and will not fruit next year. Legacy grew fantastic too. Seems like it likes it here too. the berries are pretty good. My wife is happy with these. So I'm keeping them all.


Ochlockonee rabbiteye gave me two more delicious blueberries today. This after a week of constant rain and gray skies. This is the second year in a row that Ochlockonee bore me blueberries as late as October. I am thrilled.

Photo from today:


Matt,what other Rabbiteyes are in your collection?I have Columbus and Yadkin that fruited this year,with the latter being sweeter.My little Tifblue,Powderblue and Climax may get some next year.Brightwell has been talked about as being one of the better berries.Brady


Indigocrisp is being shipped to me next week! Yes! I better baby it! It's not in Florida anymore! Glad it is getting here in early fall, it should be fine! I will prepare a container for it tomorrow.



My summary is posted above. Here's a link back to it:


Thanks,not sure how I missed your first report. Brady