Some blueberry variety talk mainly Sweetcrisp and Springhigh my favorites


Yadkin sounds nice. Looks like it's fairly bud-hardy too:
Where did you obtain it?

My full collection of bloobs is posted on my profile page.

Something nice I recently discovered: Hickory nut husks are recommended for use as a natural mulch, but only for acid-loving plants. I am growing my bloobs downslope from a ridgeline of hickory trees. Looks like I found another cheap and reliable source of mulch for my blueberries! What a happy accident!


I think the Yadkin came from Edible Landscaping,but the last time I checked,they weren't available.Other places may have them.Maybe Finch?
Hickory nut husks.I'll keep an eye out. Brady


Guess what I'm making!

Wild Maine blueberry pie! More photos coming soon...


Excellent! No wild blues around here, on the west side of the state only. I'm on the east side with alkaline clay loam. I did forage crabapples today for some jelly. I rarely make jelly (I make ton's of jam), but I found this tree, and could not pass it without taking the fruit!



Ala mode with Butter Pecan ice-cream!


Yum!!! Matt.



Never heard of Finch before. Thanks for the tip.


My wife picked up my JF&E order for me last weekend with the hard to find IndigoCrisp I picked up a couple Titan as they are reported huge and tasty. I saw they had Krewer
and in looking seems very little info just released by UGA late 2014
sounding good so I went with couple of them as well. Anyone out there growing Titan or know
anything about Krewer beyond the little press release info I googled.
Pretty pumped about my new Persimmons as well, although several are
duplicates to ones I have or replacements to ones I lost.


Strudeldog, looks like Christmas came early for you! Nice new plants.


Yes and birthday as well, It has been couple years since we were in that area so I thought better load up while while she was there. She got a few days on St. George Island, and picked them up on way home so I didn't even have to beg. JF&E is a class operation. They even replaced a Giombo Persimmon that I purchased 3? years ago and fruiting for 1st time and is not Giombo. Everyplace makes errors but it's how they handle them that makes all the difference.


Did JF&E send email to anyone indicating they were shipping Indiogocrisp? I haven't gotten such email yet.


Yes,mine is in transit and should arrive on Tuesday the 13th. Brady



Pie looks great! I love blueberry pie.

Finch used to be the largest grower of rabitteye plants in the US. Not sure if they still are. Located in NC they sell most of the variety introduced by NC State, including Yadkin. Centurion is another good late blueberry from NCSU. It has a unique "foxy" taste that some folks like. Its a dark blue similar to the color of Yadkin and blooms late with very erect growth habbit


Yes, me too

We are planning to ship your order next week. If you prefer later shipping,
please let us know.
Thank you again for your order.


Maybe they're shipping to northern locations first in order to beat the cold. I'll give them a week before inquiring.


I am just north of Dallas and received the email from them a few days ago about my Sweetcrisp, Indiocrisp, and Kiowa blackberries being shipped in a week.


Studledog, I have been growing Titan a few years, the are noticeably larger in size than other types but not anywhere close to the Quarter size I have seen advertised, the taste seems similar to other rabbiteye types i am growing. They are a winner for our family, not as many berries to pick to make a cobbler.


Oh just made me miss my granny! She made the best blueberry cobbler. How I miss it and her.

Your pie looks delicious!



HIgh Chris,

Thanks for the info, so maybe I can put those plums size berries out of my Mind. I think we have met at an ATL fruit group meeting if I have the right person? As long as Titan is a winner thats good to hear.