Some blueberry variety talk mainly Sweetcrisp and Springhigh my favorites


Yip, you got the right guy Phil, just sent you a message.


The Indigocrisp came today.Here's to the fruit living up to or being better than expectations. Brady


Mine is coming Thursday, hope I can keep it alive!


Mine won't arrive until Nov. I don't think I'll pot up until spring. My issue has been finding some good potting mix. That's been my biggest headache for yrs.


I think my favorite potting mix is Fafard. It's expensive and very hard to find. I use Fafard 52 mix when I'm short of my own mix. I found a local nursery that has it. If you go to you can use the store finder and also check out various products they have. The mix would have to be acidified too.
Check out the 52 mix, it's 60% bark (and larger size than other mixes). I would try others but 52 is about all I can locate!


Thanks Drew but the nearest store appears to be 6 hrs away. I'll start looking closer to home.


I'm spoiled living near Detroit, far is 40 miles. I have maybe 15 independent nurseries within 40 miles. I buy soil conditioner which is composted pine bark. Local independent nurseries make it themselves. A bag of peat moss, perlite from the pot supply stores, huge bag of it. Or buy Optisorb pure DE from O'reilly's Auto parts (Napa floor dry is pure DE too-always check though that it is). And so have a decent soil mix. I do a 3-1-1. I had just enough for this last plant. I'm completely out now. I also sometimes add compost that is in peat moss, a local nursery has such a compost. I add sulfur and chelated iron too. If you can find the pine bark fines, the rest is easy to find. This year I had some larger pine bark. I have a leaf blower that can be used to pick up leaves too, it is a good one with a steal blade to cut leaves. I sucked the larger pine bark into it, and it shredded it to perfect size. It sounded terrible! Yet didn't break or anything.

I use the same mix for other plants, I add lime to the mix and compost too. So a 3-1-1-1 mix of pine-peat-DE-compost for tomatoes, and just about anything else.


What about the mix that was used for that Star Blueberry that grew so big? Brady


My supply of local ingredients went bust.


Boy, wish I could find a souce for Sweetcrisp and Indigo Crisp that will ship to CA. They both sound great.


I'm sure you have checked this but here it is anyways. They are out of stock for now. I bought a couple of plants this spring. And I managed to kill them too! :weary:


Mine (Indigocrisp) came in today...

Looks OK, I'll have to bring it in a few days to let it adapt. I don't think a hard frost would be a good start. Next week it becomes a little warmer (no frosts), and I'll get it outside. I want it to have a couple weeks before I let the weather make it go dormant.


Yup, so far, they are the only source of Sweetcrisp for California. No source I can find for Indigo Crisp. I may email FHN and ask if they plan on trying to obtain Indigo Crisp. If I can get a spot to put some raised pots and get them dripped, I'm good to go. Yard is getting pretty full.



I'll be happy if mine look that good. Mine are two weeks out and greenhouse may be on chill cycle by then. But I can get mine going in January while you're on chill cycle :sunglasses:


I got my Sweetcrisp and Indigocrisp today. Potted them up with a mixture of half bark fines, half sphagnum peat moss, with some perlite thrown in. I am wondering if I am going to have to give winter protection to these blueberries? JF&E website says these are zone 9 plants. I am in zone 7/8.
I also potted up a Kiowa blackberry today, but I think that will do fine in the winter.


Are you in Dallas area? If so I think you'll probably be OK without protection. But I always get nervous if there's a sudden drop to mid teens or lower. In TX it's not so much the low but the fast drop from mild to hard freeze.


Yes, I am about 40 miles north of Dallas. We get into the mid 20's for a few days at a time in the winter usually in February.


That shouldn't hurt those plants. But I would try to get them to stop growing by this time of yr. Cut back on fertilizer after late summer. And keep them in a cool place in winter. Not on south side of a building. Also do your pruning after harvest not late summer or fall. You want them to stop growing, set flower buds, and harden off some before winter.

I'm really looking forward to reports and comparisons on these varieties in 2017!


Texancharlie I would give them protection if the temperature is going to stay below freezing or get in the lower 20's. You could put them in an unheated garage or the south side of the house until the temperature gets above freezing. Then move them back to the colder areas of your property. You may also have to protect them late in the winter if they bloom out early. They seem to bloom about 30 days before the rabbiteye blueberries (in Beaumont early February).


I think the patent for Sweetcrisp states that the plant can survive temperatures down to 5F. Brady