Some considerations about peach leaf curl

Some thoughts about peach leaf curl came to mind:

  1. I read from some articles in an Italian fruit growing magazine of the 1950s/60s that from field tests, with a single treatment of 2% Bordeaux mixture at the end of winter the fungus can be totally eradicated. But it doesn’t work for me! Could it be due to the different varieties I have or the climate that has changed over time??
  2. In general it is advisable to carry out the last treatment close to the breaking of the wood buds. However, this year I saw that the plants that were firmer at the time of treatment developed very little peach leaf curl, while the others more. Why do you think so?

I think the outlook and attitude towards newer and better recipes to conquer the hardships of past, nature, wind, cold and rain for a better brighter future by simple solutions is what has changed the most. And accountability - but then, I live in a post-communist country. :wink: