Some key points of shine-muscat grape planting

Shine-Muscat grape has been very active in the table grape market in recent years, especially in Asia. What makes it so hot is not only sweet, but it’s also very tasty, and the flesh is firm and you don’t need to peel it. So they are loved by everyone. It’s even been called “the Hermes of grapes.” So how to grow better shine-muscat grapes, the following points are very important.

1. Suitable Soil
To plant the shine-muscat grape, it is necessary to choose slightly acidic soil with flat ground and thick soil, while fully enjoying the sunshine. The longer the sunshine lasts, the better the grape quality will be.

2. Selection of Seedlings
To grow the shine-muscat grape with high quality and high survival rate, the selection of rootstocks should meet the following points:
a) Not easy to be infected with pests and diseases
b) Fast growth
c) Strong vitality

3. Pruning of Branches and Seaves
a) For the vines to grow more lateral branches, topping treatment is required. Once the topping is done, new side shoots will grow.
b) If the branches and leaves are luxuriant, appropriate flower thinning treatment is required, so as to ensure that the sunlight penetrates and each leaf can fully enjoy the sunlight.
c) Pruning diseased and weak branches to ensure that other branches can harvest more nutrients.

4. Grape Bagging
Bagging need not be introduced too much, it is basically an essential part of table grape growing, mainly for the following five points:
a) Improve the surface of the fruit
b) Reduce fruit pests and diseases
c) To improve the degree of fruit coloring
d) Reduce the number of pesticide applications and pesticide residues
e) Reduce bird hazards

Shine-muscat are usually made in a green paper bag to give the fruit a better color. Use a sprayer to spray the grape bunch before bagging. Completely remove the bacteria left on the fruit ear, reduce the chance of later fruit disease. After spraying, wait for the agent to air dry before bagging.

If you want to prevent pests and diseases in a more comprehensive way, you can soak the mouth of the fruit bag in liquid medicine for about half an hour before bagging and dry it before bagging.

It should be noted that when bagging, do not put the whole ear and stalk into the bag together, and expose 3-5 cm according to the length of the stalk to receive light.

Key Points of Shine-Muscat Grape Planting

The comprehensive qualities such as high appearance, high sweetness, and large fruit grains determine the value of its popularity among fruit farmers and consumers. If you are interested in the shine-muscat grape, you can refer to the above planting tips. Come and try it now!