Some kind of Apple Disease?

Some kind of weird apple disease/injury is affecting my fruits.
Do you guys have any clue about what this may be?
Even far-fetched ideas are acceptable at this point (I have looked around quite a bit :neutral_face:).

I thought this was a worm at first but I couldn’t find any similar patterns on Google images caused by worms.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I am not sure what is causing the damage. It does look similar to the damage caused by the European Apple Sawfly and damage that is sometimes caused by wasps. But it doesn’t appear to be an exact match. I have seen something similar but it only effected a small number of apples in my trees.

I would suggest the following:

If more than one apple was effected, post pictures of the other apples with damage. Also pictures of damaged apples still on the tree and pictures of the over all tree. Also where are you located? The location may help us determine what problem you have with your apples. Any other details of how and when the damage occurred could also be helpful.


Ok you said wild guesses are ok. Does the damage show up just late in the season when the apples are fully formed and getting ripe? Or does it show up early in the season?

My wild guess is leafroller damage? Just a guess if they are eating the young apples early in the season.
I had some leafroller damage on Red Delicious one spring. The damage healed over and I picked them in the Fall. The scarring of the fruit surface was unique on each fruit damaged.

Looks like alien crop circles - micro version, to me. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Sorry . . . I don’t mean to poke fun. It IS what I thought of first, when I saw your photo, though.

Seriously - I’ve never seen that before . . . but, then, I don’t have much experience with apple diseases . . . yet.
P.S. - Welcome, Francois! 'Just noticed this is your first post!